Monday, July 7, 2014

So, what did I think of the season finale of Penny Dreadful?

You guessed it . . . glad you asked  :-)


Three words -- Is that it?

I just didn't get the vibe that they were looking to continue this series. I mean, usually season ending episodes have an unresolved feel to them. Not necessarily a cliffhanger type scenario, but something that makes you feel like it has to come back next season and finish some plotlines off. Don't get that feel here.

The abbreviated season (only 6 episodes, wtf?!) ends with Sir Malcolm finally finding his daughter Mina, who is of course a vampire, and knowing he cannot save her, he kills her. And at the same time he reveals that Ms. Ives is in fact his daughter (illegitimate, of course) and they have a reconcilliation that seems to end their tempestuous relationship.

Ethan Chandler's paramour Brona Croft finally succumbs to consumption with the help of Dr. Frankenstein and a soft pillow. And as expected, Dr. Frankenstein takes Ms. Croft back to his lab to reanimate her as a companion for his original monster, who's been driven from his home in the theater after making advances towards an actress.

The monster gives the most moving soliloquy of the series as he wishes for death to free him from his loneliness.

We learn, also as expected, that Ethan Chandler is in fact a werewolf. And may have the ability to get wolfy on command. He is also able to perform an exorcism of sorts as he saves Ms. Ives from her fortnight long demonic possession in the previous episode.

The deliciously hedonistic Dorian Grey is summarily dispatched after Ms. Ives reduces him to a stammering teary-eyed schoolboy with a cold dismissal. Something a bit hard to fathom as Grey is an immortal who has lived, heaven only knows, how long. But whatever.

The show ends with Ms. Ives asking a local Catholic (I assume, or perhaps Church of England) priest to perform an official exorcism on her. In what would only happen in a Hollywood version of a church, the priest tells her that being touched by Satan is much like being touched by God -- it makes her special. And she likes being special, right? The show ends as she is about to answer that question.

And there we have it. Everything is sort of tied up. Though things are open ended, it doesn't feel like there's a compelling need to follow up on any of the storylines.

Is there drama left to mine? Of course. Ms. Ives is still being pursued by the main vampire who believes her to be the reincarnation of Amunet. When Ms. Croft is reanimated, will she love the monster or be repelled by him? Will she, as the Dr.'s last creation, begin to remember who she was? If so, will she try to return to Ethan? What will he do when he learns what Frankenstein has done to her? Will the team begin to search London for the mysterious mass murderer who is, in fact, Mr. Chandler? What then? What of Dorian Grey? Will Sherlock Holmes make an appearance?

There's plenty of stuff to go on with. I just don't get the sense that the writers/creators are planning to go on with it. Which seems a shame since they put so much effort into creating turn of the century England for this production.

For my part, I'd like to see it continue. Well cast, well written, and excellent production values. It's worth bringing back, imho.

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