Saturday, October 12, 2013

Scarlett Johansson...again. Really?!

My computer went on the fritz this week. Took me until late last night to get it up and running again. When I finally do, I see that Esquire magazine has named Scarlett Johansson the sexiest woman alive. Again.


scarlett johansson esquire

Is Esquire even trying anymore? Look, I've said before that I enjoy Scarlett's unconventional looks. But she's got a short waisted, kind of dumpy body. And their photoshopped image isn't changing my opinion any. Want an idea of what she looks like for real? Watch The Avengers. There's a quick shot of Scarlett from behind when she's talking to Loki. You'll get a real glimpse of what her body, supposedly honed to exquisite perfection according to press releases, looks like.

And I don't know about you. But for an actress, in this day and age, to be voted the sexiest woman on the planet, who lost the lead role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo because as directer David Fincher gloriously opined -- "we can't afford to wait for Scarlett to take her clothes off" . . . seems a bit forced to me.

So here's a collection of some friends of mine, who I think are just as sexy if not more so, than Ms. Johansson. And these gals aren't afraid to go full monty on the job:

anastasia pierceashley grace
diana knightisobel wren
kendra jameskerri taylor
kim danielssavannah costello
sexy slyyystar9


Anonymous said...

Those are some nice looking friends dude.

Anonymous said...

I love how you posted that old Maxim picture of Johansson with her on her knees with her ass hanging out like that. She'd never let herself be photographed like that now that she such a big star.

Funny what these actresses will do to get noticed when they're just getting started.

postaldog said...

Yep, she's come a long way, baby!