Saturday, October 5, 2013

Prophecy fulfilled -- Sox win 7-4 up 2-0 in ALDS

Hey, maybe I've got a shot at the lottery this weekend after all :-)

Boston won again today, defeating reigning Cy Young winner David Price to take a 2 games to nothing lead in the AL Division Series. John Lackey wasn't lights out, but he gets the win giving up 4 runs in 5+ innings.

Not sure why Maddon left Price in there for eight innings to take a beating like that -- 7 earned runs, perhaps he's not too confident with his bullpen. But that's a tough loss to hang on your staff ace.

David Ortiz hit two home runs, for his first multi-homer post season game. Jacoby Ellsbury was the spark plug scoring three times, stealing bases and breaking up double plays. Once again, defense deserted the Rays with two more errors in this game. Tired? Might be the grind of all these must-win games is finally wearing the guys down.

Game 3 is at the Trop with Buccholz going against Cobb. Clay's an enigma here. Might be lights out or a total disaster as he's still working his way back after being out for a big chunk of the season. Whatever happens, I don't see this going past 4 games. And the Rays taking three straight? Not a chance.

Hoping for the sweep, but I'll take the series win in 4.

Fear the beard, baby!

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