Thursday, October 3, 2013

Subtlety < Miley Cyrus

Oh look . . . Miley's been gettin' freaky with Terry Richardson again:

miley cyrus see-thru nipple

Two things -- first, the question is not if Miley has done some nude stuff for ole pervy, she clearly has, but when they'll get released. Because girly just keeps inching closer to the full monty in public every chance she gets:

miley cyrus topless nipple

Second -- if anyone had any doubts about whether Miley was just trying to bump up her street cred with all the chatter about her love of the ganga, take a look at her pupils in these pictures . . . chick's as high as a kite:

miley cyrus self front wedgy

If she was trying to drive a stake through the heart of Hannah Montana . . . I'd say it's mission accomplished now, honey.

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