Monday, June 3, 2013

Sox win rain shortened game in NY

And in a nice capper to end the weekend, the Red Sox won a rain shortened game against the Yankees to take two of three against their rivals and solidify their standings atop the division.

Clay Buccholz ends up getting a complete game shutout for the 3-0 game, even though he only pitched 5 innings. I'm not a big fan of rain shortened anything, but . . . oh well, I'll take it. Buccholz's ERA is something like 1.62 (not gonna look it up) and he's 8-0 on the season.

The guys are playing pretty sporty ball, and just as I mentioned at the start of the season, with the exception of the woeful Blue Jays, top to bottom in the division is only a 2.5 game difference. It's going to be a fun year if it keeps up like this :-)

And just for the heck of it, here's my favorite English teacher slash saucy model -- Victoria V. James:

olivia sprauer aka victoria v james

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