Sunday, June 23, 2013

Boston has a rough time in Detroit

The Red Sox lost today, in part due to a disputed call by the umps, 7-5 to the Detroit Tigers to drop the series between the division leading teams 3-1.

Not wanting to go all Joe Maddon here, but the catch-drop by Nava gave Detroit the winning runs. Probably shouldn't have gotten to that point, but . . . there it is. Had Andrew Bailey not blown the save in the first game, the series would have been a split, which would have been more tolerable.

As such, the Sox are still in first place by two games over the Orioles, who got their asses handed to them by the finally red-hot Blue Jays. As I mentioned at the beginning of the season, it's only 5 games separating the first place Sox from the last place Rays. The AL East is gonna be a beast this year.

martin truex jr wins sonoma

And congrats to Martin Truex Jr. for winning the Toyota SaveMart 350 in Sonoma today. Truex broke a 200+ streak of races without a win, though he's had a maddening number of second place finishes, particularly at this track.

It was a pretty good race (I always like the road courses, though many do not), with some bumping and banging, but though the drivers were aggressive all day, no one was driving like an idiot causing a bunch of wrecks.

Nice to see the announcers bring up something I've been harping on since the creation of the Chase to the Championship. That is, the lack of a road course in the 10-race Chase. Fans are in favor of it, as well as many of the drivers. NASCAR honcho Mike Helton, in his best "I rule with an iron fist" voice said he was more than willing to add another race, but one would have to be dropped somewhere else to make room.

Yeah, like that would work. What a d*ck!

And ending on a happy note. My favorite english teacher, Olivia Sprauer, slips into a nearby phone booth and nyut nuh nah...

olivia sprauer aka victoria v james

...emerges as hottie model Victoria James!

We're saved!

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