Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why the Post Office works

HAH! Fooled ya with that one, eh?

Anyway, if you've been shipping with the USPS over the last month or so, you should be seeing some changes in our online tracking service. The Post Office is in the process of upgrading our package tracking to more real-time than in the past.

Previously, our scan data was only uploaded to the system at the end of the day when we returned to our offices and cradled our scanners. We now are being issued little cell-phone like thingies that connect to our scanners via bluetooth, and upload scan data throughout the day. I believe the update is supposed to be every 15 minutes, but I'm not sure.

The effect will be to give customers the ability to get something that approximates real time tracking and delivery info on their packages and overnight envelopes and such.

While the system is not true "real time" it should be close enough to satisfy everyone who needs this information, save the stay-at-home adults who sit in their mommy's basement in their underwear playing World of Warcraft while they wait anxiously for some new action figure to arrive on their doorstep.

The best solution would have been for the Post Office to invest in completely new scanners with all the bells and whistles and such, but everyone knows the dire straits we've been forced into by these absurd regulations concerning disability funding and whatever. This solution has minimal start up cost and when combined with our already superior pricing and universal delivery service, should erase any but the most unreasonable objections to using the USPS for shipping.

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