Sunday, June 9, 2013

Game of Thrones -- season finale

robert slays rhaegar at the trident

One word -- meh

Look, I'm loving the show. The production is fabulous, it still has one of the coolest opening title sequences ever. Great casting, wonderful performances. But still . . .

Ygritte shooting Jon Snow three times?! Gendry captured by Melisandre to be used as a sacrifice?! I know this stuff all makes for good drama, but it isn't in the books and the books themselves are pretty dramatic and enthralling on their own. So why?

There is still a great deal of narrative left in the third novel that went unused in the series. It makes me wonder how compressed the next season will be, finishing off the third book and covering the fourth.

Oh well, until next year . . . *sigh*


Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right.

It's a good show, based on the strength of the source material, but it always feels not as good as it could be, especially in Season 3. But it's been a slow, steady decline.

They should stop effing around with the books. The showrunners are not GRRM, will never be GRRM, in the same way that effing around with Tolkein in The Hobbit caused that film to be less than it could've been.

postaldog said...

It has been frustrating for this fan as you can see by my posts on the subject. The first season was practically lifting whole passages of dialogue directly from the book. Now, as you say . . . a slow steady decline :-(

I've noticed that Martin's name appears in the opening credits as something (though I cannot remember what, but I don't think it is simply as producer), so if he has any input to the stories, why allow them to stray so far from the source material?

Oh well, thanks for visiting and commenting :-)