Monday, June 17, 2013

Public school system, part duh

In what I sadly imagine could be a daily feature, I bring another example of the fine young minds being turned out by our public school system:

At work today, I go to lunch and stop by 7 Eleven to get a soda. I bring my Super Big Gulp (f*ck you, Michael Bloomberg!) to the register.

Surly young dude, looks at it, mumbles something about "Anything else?" then rings it up and says "$1.79"

I hand him two dollars. He gives me back twenty-nine cents.


I'm looking at the quarter and four pennies and thinking "Really?" I'm struggling, trying to imagine exactly what combination of coins could he possibly have been thinking he was giving me?! I mean, four pennies?! WTF?! Of course by now surly dude has shambled off to do something else, so I can't even give him back the money he over-paid me.

Again, you've got a freekin' register right there, man! It does the math for you if you're too stupid to do simple arithmetic, but seriously how hard is it to figure the change on this transaction?!

These high school kids can play the hell out of video games or create mean Facebook pages, but give them a simple math problem and total brain failure.

And then there's this -- Kelly Brook went to the beach in Cancun today and took her bikini top off and lolled around on the sand for a while. The fact that paparazzi were able to take stunning hi-res images of her half naked is complete providence on their part. I'm sure she had absolutely no idea they were there . . .

kelly brook topless at the beach
kelly brook topless at the beach
kelly brook topless at the beach


Thaumaturge Dirge said...

Shes comely and her bosom is to, too bad her nipples are censored.

postaldog said...

Oddly enough, I usually have the uncensored images available if one clicks on the posted images. Don't know why I didn't do that in this case.

Hmmmm . . .