Saturday, May 31, 2014

David Price proves once again that he is a thug

Price comes into last night's game having hit only two batters this season and with one of the lowest walk rates in the league . . . and promptly hits David Ortiz in the back with his first pitch claiming he was simply trying to establish the inside of the plate.


Only thing more absurd than that is that Price didn't get run since the teams just had a chippy game last week and the umps knew about it. Price didn't get run after he drilled Mike Carp in the arm either with the umpires claiming once again that they were sure there was no intent.

Oh brother.

Best revenge is that Boston won 3-2 for it's fifth straight win after losing 10 straight and pushed the Rays deeper into the cellar. I'm sure the paper today will be full of cya for the thuggish Price and his enabler Joe Maddon.

Price doubled down in interviews after the game, mocking and belittling Ortiz, trying to twist Papi's words to make it sound as though he was making a statement comparing baseball to war ala young Winslow a few years ago.


Price went on to say that Ortiz thinks he's bigger than the game. I have no idea where that comes from. Price is still stinging after the Sox pummeled him last season, with Papi hitting two home runs in the game. And the churlish Price thought Ortiz took too long watching one of the shots.   jeepers

It's important to remember that this is the same petulant pitcher who was accusing umpires of racist comments and was so unhinged that the Rays had to put him on IR with a mystery "triceps" injury, to calm him the f*ck down.

Also important to note is that the local sports writers who work overtime to find Boston bashing stories to keep the fires of this trumped up rivalry going, haven't said one word in Price's defense. They know he's guilty of deliberately hitting Ortiz and Carp, and despite their shameless "homerism" haven't done a thing to try and pin some sort of blame on the Sox.

Boston got the best revenge by beating the Rays thoroughly in the series, winning the next two games 7-1 and 4-0. With the Rays buried in the cellar, expect Tampa to deal the surly Price to some team on the West Coast for prospects and maybe a reliable bat.

I, for one, certainly won't miss this punk.

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