Friday, May 2, 2014

When it comes to nipple tape, Taylor is still > Miley

I guess Miley Cyrus has a video out for her song Tongue Tied where she spends most if not all of the video topless in one form or another:

miley tongue tied

I'm not overly impressed with the visuals (I haven't seen the entire video yet, most places have had it yanked over copyright violations), but it seems a little try hard to me. Though I have to give her a few points for the mild bondage element, that's something new to her repertoire:

miley cyrus bondage video

Okay, finally watched the video. Not sure what's going on, it's like 2 minutes long. Maybe it is just a performance piece or something. Very artsy...lots of crazy eyelash stuff, and I can't understand a word she's sings, so I'm not sure what it's about. Just weird.

Nope, for my money Taylor Momsen is still the queen of electrical tape as outerwear:

taylor momsen nipple tape
taylor momsen nipple tape

Not only does Taylor bring that craziness when she's onstage, she isn't afraid to show up at a meet & greet with the goods hanging right out there:

taylor momsen nipple tapetaylor momsen nipple tape

Always more bonus points for live over Memorex. Plus frankly, I sort of like Taylor's music better anyway. So Taylor wins this round again:

taylor momsen nipple tapetaylor momsen nipple tape

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