Wednesday, May 28, 2014

As protests go . . .

. . . this beats the heck out of that "Occupy" horsesh*t:

scout willis topless in ny

Apparently Scout Willis, the less lantern-jawed offspring of Bruce Willis, decided she was tired of the hypocritical censoring of her occasional exposed girly bits on Instagram, so she took to the streets of Manhattan topless (because it's okay to stroll around topless in NYC . . . who knew?) and posted the images to her Instagram account:

scout willis topless in ny

Clever girl. As protests go, I think I can get behind this one  :-)

Aussie actress Caitlin Stasey has added her two cents to Scout's Free the Nipple campaign:

caitlin stasey topless

This could get interesting  :-)

Scout's sister Rumer attended some function in support of her little sister's Free the Nipple campaign wearing a booby t-shirt. Personally, I like it when she's supporting it for reals:

rumer willis topless


Tuerqas said...

Or in front of it, as the case may be...

postaldog said...

Heh, exactly . . .