Thursday, September 12, 2019

When Alyssa met Ted

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So after a little Twitter back and forth where actress Alyssa Milano mentioned that she wanted to call congressman Ted Cruz out on his bullsh*t over the 2nd Amendment, the two got a chance to meet and Cruz live-streamed the meeting.

To give you a sense of exactly how serious Milano was about this meeting and how interested she was in an honest dialogue between opposing viewpoints on the myriad factors surrounding firearm violence and the complexities of dealing with the situation, here's an excerpt from Milano herself:
"Your stance has made you almost like this caricature of a villain, and that's why this meeting was so important for me, because I wanted to look at you in the eye and know that you're really a human with a heartbeat."
FFS! As they say on Twitter.

Milano's only purpose here was to attack Cruz with prepared insults that she could cap and post on her Twitter feed and also hopefully goad him into making some indefensible point about 2nd Amendment rights that she could also weaponize to attack law abiding citizens. Let's see . . . C grade actress versus Harvard debate champion? Yeah, that's not gonna go her way. Know what I mean?

But some interesting stuff did come out from this little get together. Milano tweeted the usual lies about 90% of Americans supporting stricter gun laws and the like. And she also proudly mentioned the fact that she has two firearms in her home for self protection.

Why is that important?

Milano has frequently mentioned via Twitter and other platforms her unwavering support for those with mental health issues, because she herself has mental health issues. She also has a long record on social media of behaving erratically and hysterically.

So, erratic public behavior? Check. Mental illness? Check. Multiple firearms in her possession and in the proximity to small children? Check. Milano is big time in favor of Red Flag Laws. Sounds to me like she should be the first person in line to be disarmed. Right? Think she'll have endless rationales for why a law she wants to apply to honest tax paying citizens shouldn't apply to her?

No doubt.

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