Sunday, September 22, 2019

Celebrity blind of the day

"It didn't take [long for] the alliterate former actress turned escort to find a new 'boyfriend.' As I have told you for the past year, the men have been much older than herself because the men her age are going way younger."

The clue here is "alliterate former actress turned escort" as that is CDAN's shorthand for Lindsay Lohan, who for the past couple of years has been sorta pimping herself out to various sheiks and sultans and such in the middle east who want an American movie star on their arms regardless of how far her star has fallen.

Supposedly Linds might turn up on that Masked Singer show this season, so that might end up being interesting. Especially if she were to win. She actually had some singing talent back in the day and frankly, she had potential as an actress too. Kinda sad how she went off the rails.

Be funny if this blind is revealed to be someone else.

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