Sunday, September 22, 2019

Need a definition for hypocrisy?

dem hypocrisy on climate emergency

All 17 Democrat contenders for President descended on Iowa this weekend and at one point had a Steak Fry where they grilled 10,500 steaks and hamburgers for attendees.

Got that?!

The same party that is shaming you for eating meat, is threatening to levy a tax on beef to get you to stop eating it because, supposedly, even though they can't prove it, beef consumption is killing the planet. Spent the day dumping heaven only knows how much CO2 into the atmosphere whilst grilling planet killing beef.

If they're so concerned about the planet, why weren't they handing out tofu patties, or soy mush or some sort of protein gruel for their oh so righteous voters to consume so that they could show us troglodyte conservatives how to live properly.

As I said in the previous post, it's almost as if they don't actually believe their own bullsh*t!

Also, don't forget, they all flew private jets out to Iowa and are all staying in luxury hotels that aren't carbon neutral. So they've f*cked the planet even more according to their own rules.

Just a public service announcement for ya.

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