Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Dinesh D'Souza is an idiot

From Reuters:

The conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza pleaded guilty on Tuesday to a campaign finance law violation, averting a trial that had been expected to begin the same day in Manhattan federal court.
D'Souza, known for his biting criticism of President Barack Obama, pleaded guilty to one criminal count of making illegal contributions in the names of others. A second count concerning the making of false statements is expected to be dismissed once he is sentenced.
The plea came four months after Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara charged D'Souza with using "straw donors" to give funds in 2012 to Republican Wendy Long's U.S. Senate campaign in New York. Long, who met D'Souza while they were students in the 1980s, lost to Democratic incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand.
"I knew that causing a campaign contribution to be made in the name of another was wrong and something the law forbids," D'Souza, 53, told U.S. District Judge Berman on Tuesday. "I deeply regret my conduct."

D'Souza has done some remarkable work with his documentaries, books, and such, and now, because of this jaw dropping bit of stupidity, everything he has done and may do in the future is tainted.

Whether it is fair or not, conservatives are held to a completely different standard than liberals because of the overwhelming liberal bent of the media. D'Souza's work would never have swayed die-hard liberal voters, but what Republicans are trying to do is reach independent and free thinking Democrats with our ideas and messages about the outlaw nature of the current administration. Now every story in the media about D'Souza will have the words convicted criminal prominently featured in the article.

Nice work there, dumbass.


Anonymous said...

You, your sentiments and your hyperbolic cliche-centered writing style (OVERWHELMINGLY LIBERAL!!! the OUTLAW!! NATURE OF THIS ADMINISTRATION) a breath of stale air for the the amateur right wing blogosphere.

Yeah, this guy is an idiot because he confessed, plead guilty and faced the consequences, not because he committed the crime in the first place.

God you're a morally depraved degenerate. Hit a moose on the way to work.

postaldog said...

Hyperbolic, moi?

Every independent, non-profit study of news (papers, tv, etc.) show that all the mainstream media are overwhelmingly liberally biased.

And this administration violates the Constitution on almost a daily basis. Try climbing out from under a rock and looking around sometime.

And no, D'Souza isn't an idiot for confessing (after they had him cold for his crime, btw), he's an idiot for committing such a jv crime in the first place.