Monday, October 28, 2013

Hey, Sydney Leathers got another job!

Alternate headline: Sydney Leathers topless pole dancing pics as horrific as you might have imagined!

When she was on Hannity some months back, Sean mentioned in his interview that Sydney was appearing at a club in NY later that night. Sydney threw up her hands in mock horror, saying it wasn't like she was stripping or anything, simply hosting an event.

Well, she's strippin' now, baby!

sydney leathers topless pole dancing

Yep, the gal who said she was so disappointed that Anthony Weiner wasn't the man she thought he was, she torpedoed his political career in retaliation, has now done a hardcore porn video for Vivid and was recently pole dancing at some club in Jersey, letting dudes stuff dollar bills into her oversized panties (don't most strippers wear thongs and such? not that I'd know anything about that *cough, cough*)

At this rate, how much longer before this chick is appearing on Monday Night Raw, or mud wrestling at some local carnival? Yep, she's really showing ole' Anthony what a class act he missed out on.

sydney leathers topless pole dancing

Hey, can't get enough of the toothy, tattooed Ms. Leathers? Check out my other links for more pics and news about this absurdly googled young lady:

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This Wild Week, Keep Yourself Alive Edition

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Warned you guys about the eye bleach.

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