Sunday, January 7, 2018

Courtney Stodden is topless . . . for real. Should we be concerned?

courtney stodden topless

Desperate celeb Courtney Stodden ended 2017 with a flourish, publishing a number of topless photos of herself to social media in what I had assumed was the usual frantic grab for attention from a flash-in-the-pan manufactured celeb seeking to extend their fifteen minutes of fame.

courtney stodden topless
courtney stodden topless courtney stodden topless
courtney stodden topless

But is their something more tragic or sinister at work here?

Over at the celeb blind blog Crazy Days and Nights, the entertainment lawyer that runs the site posted a blind item a while back about Courtney popping pills and acting erratically. He recently posted another item, presumably about Courtney, implying that she's on the verge of suicide or some other sort of self-destructive behavior.

I'm never sure how seriously to take this stuff. After her miscarriage, she mourned by doing a photoshoot on the beach with her creepy 50-ish husband -- her in a tiny bikini drinking champagne and wiping a single tear from her cheek. Was that for real? Makes it hard to take her seriously in my book. But who knows.

I wouldn't be surprised to see that Courtney is a damaged young woman (she's only 23 after all), it is stunning to look back at what 16 year old Courtney looked like before her mom pimped her out to a 50 year old creepy actor and stood by approvingly as she used plastic surgery to turn herself from this:

courtney stodden teenager

To this:

courtney stodden vivid porn shoot

I'm hoping this moment of danger is just another attention grab. But if not, it just goes to show that there are a lot more dangerous monsters in Hollywood and the entertainment industry than Harvey Weinstein and the others who've come out in the recent scandals.

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Anonymous said...

I think she's really hot. I love those big fake boobs!