Friday, August 21, 2015

Damn that Jared Fogle

molly shattuck

Normally this would be the sort of story you could have some fun with, but with effin' Fogle messing life up for everyone, I guess I should be a little fair handed here.

40ish Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Molly Shattuck was arrested for performing a sex act on a minor, specifically she performed oral sex on a 15 year old boy. Shattuck will have to do 2 years of weekends in jail for the crime of making that kid a legend in his neighborhood.

Oops, I mean damaging that poor boy's self esteem and dooming him to a life of psychiatric care. They apparently caught Shattuck after the boy ratted her out to the authorities or his parents or someone.

I just don't know what to do with this. If a NFL cheerleader gave me a blow job when I was 15, I would have been BMOC for the next 3 years in high school. I guess the kid is traumatized. Or has a guilty conscience . . . I don't know. He's underage, so I doubt we'll get the full story about how/why this happened. This kind of stuff is sort of different for boys. I suppose it shouldn't be. I guess if she forced herself on him . . . ?!?! Where do you go with this?

So . . . shame on you Molly.

molly shattuck
molly shattuck
molly shattuck

According to Newsbusters, Shattuck is 48 and a former cheerleader for the Ravens. She's also a mother of three who used her own 15 year old son to broker the hook-up -- "call my mom, she thinks you're hot." Supposedly the victim in the case has become somber and untrusting of others because of a 48 year old cheerleader giving him head.

Maybe it's the age difference. I know how most boys behaved when I was 15 -- most of them were fantasizing about this exact situation. If the female in question had been 15 also, folks would have been screaming about the Romeo & Juliet law, saying it was just natural hormones.

So like I said, I really don't know where to go with this whole mess. But I know where Molly's going -- to two years worth of weekends in the slammer. Maybe she can be a cheerleader for the prison football team.

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Anonymous said...

She's no great beauty, that's for sure. Looking at that last picture, its pretty obvious what assets kept her on the squad.