Thursday, September 25, 2014

Daily Duffster

Alternate title: Houston, we have underboob!

When I think of Hilary Duff in a leather skirt, this isn't exactly the look I have in mind:

Hilary duff iHeart radio music festival

It's not a bad look, but with her solid goodness and those awesome thighs (yummy) a dress with a gather on one side isn't the most flattering look you can go for. But one benefit of this interesting design . . . rare underboob:

Hilary duff underboob

So all in all, it's a net plus for my Duffster. Yay!

Also performing at the festival, Taylor Momsen . . . and what in the boring hell?!?!

No skin. No electrical tape. No raccoon eye make-up. Don't tell me she's going all "legitimate artist" on us now.

Where's the fun in that?!

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