Friday, September 19, 2014

Micaela Schafer has stopped fooling around

Lanky German model Micaela Schafer has been known for turning up a various events in outfits that were a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Well apparently she got tired of teasing us because she just up and went "full monty" for some sort of themed . . . whatever:

So . . . snake . . . apple . . . fig leaf . . . garden of eden? Two Eves? Is there some sort of yin and yang thing going on with the blonde/brunette white robe/black robe thing? Somehow I can't imagine she's getting that deep with this. Ya know? But after getting full on nekkid in public, there's not much left of her shtick to work now. So no telling what's next.

small aside -- Aische Pervers (the blonde) might want to work on her lower body toning a bit . . . just sayin'

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