Saturday, August 24, 2019

Taylor Swift -- a daughter's love?

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A couple of days ago, Taylor Swift reposted a Facebook post from her father Scott to her Tumblr account. I'll get to her Tumblr account in a moment. But Scott Swift's post was a humorous accounting of how he was outwitting his daughter and whoever else he's competing with over fitness steps accumulated. Dad Swift wrapped whatever device he's counting his steps with in a towel and threw it in the dryer. So he wracked up a couple of thousand steps while watching golf with his feet up.

Taylor's response was an innocent daughter's goof on her father about how diabolical he was and so on. Just some fun back and forth between a parent and his child.

Except the problem is Taylor reposted her dad's post to Tumblr as I said. If you don't know what Tumblr is, don't worry, it's a dying out platform that was once worth millions. Now it's home to lesbians and radical feminists and radical feminist lesbians whose profiles usually begin with a laundry list of their psychological abnormalities followed by some radfem manifesto about toxic masculinity, how heterosexual intercourse is always rape and so on.

It's a nuthouse for damaged women working on their cat lady kits.

Well that crew immediately went to papa Swift's Facebook page and were horrified to find out that Taylor's father was conservative Republican. Outrage ensued. And Scott Swift was forced to close his Facebook account to save himself from the relentless online abuse of a bunch of deranged crabby lesbians and feminists.

Oddly silent in all of this is Taylor herself. There's been nothing online about this from her since this broke. Far as I can tell, she's left her old man twisting in the wind. A sacrifice to the woke digital terrorists that make up part of Swifty's fan base.

Where are her calls for unity? Where's all her shake it off posturing now? Where are the pleas from a loving child to protect the parent that brought her into this world and nurtured her until she was able to go out and become a multi-millionaire celebrity/musician?

Taylor Swift is as calculating as Don Corleone. She stayed out of politics, kept her personal life personal and focused on making music and performing and became a superstar. Then came 2016 and THE ELECTION OF OUR LIVES and while media and female celebs screeched on and on about voting their vaginas and not being gender traitors, Taylor kept her mouth shut. Well, that just won't do in this day and age.

So two years of pressure and Taylor caved. She began spouting approved political bromides from the DNC and George Soros. She backed a losing candidate in a Senate race. She's all about open borders and government paid abortion and LGBTQlmnopetc rights and so now. That last bit is pivotal, I think.

Folks have been talking quietly about Taylor being a lesbian for a while now. Her very close relationship with Karlie Kloss and a few other leggy blonde clones have had celeb bloggers and blinds bloggers hinting at her Sapphic preferences. Her current relationship with Joe Alwyn has repeatedly been called out as him being her beard so that she doesn't have to come out fully to her fans and the world.

Which would explain why she still has a Tumblr account. And probably why she may apologize to her dad in private, but she won't do it publicly. Should there ever be any reasonable corroboration of her sexuality made public and she's on the sidelines not cheering on the gay rights agenda, they'll be virtually burning her at the stake, and doing everything they can to ruin her career. Why do you think Cory Booker and his campaign were paying Rosario Dawson to pretend to be romantically involved with him? He can't be running for President as a closeted homosexual, especially with Mayor Pete in the field. He'd be eaten live by mob.

So yeah, that sweet innocent teenager with the curly hair and the guitar, singing her own country songs onstage:

taylor swift teenager

Yeah, she's long gone. Replaced by a hardened businesswoman. Any sacrifice to get to the top I guess. Maybe she's more of a role model than I thought. Just not in the way I had hoped. From one dad to another -- sorry you have to go through this Scott.

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