Sunday, August 25, 2019

Fun with Photoshop -- Brooke Burke topless

brooke burke topless

Photographer Brian Bowen Smith recently published some topless pics of model/actress/dancer/general celeb type Brooke Burke that he created for Chanel, I suppose as part of an ad campaign or some such.

And he certainly had some fun with filters and effects and such. Generally, my default position is that when you can't see a model or actress' face along with their bodies, I immediately suspect some shenanigans. But she does appear full face in at least one of the images. So I guess they're legit and the photog was just trying some artistic flair. No complaints from me, I myself, enjoy playing with filters and overlays and such to create interesting photos:

brooke burke topless brooke burke topless brooke burke topless brooke burke topless

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