Friday, August 25, 2017

Neil deGrasse Tyson is supposedly a scientist

With category 4 hurricane Harvey bearing down on Texas, science famewhore Neil deGrasse Tyson couldn't resist firing off a tweet to smack at those who dispute that whole "the science is settled!" nonsense put forward by climate alarmists.

His tweet read: "Hmm. Don’t see much denial of @NOAA climate scientists who have predicted Hurricane Harvey’s devastating path into Texas."

This on the heels of his tweet earlier this week tying to imply that astronomer's ability to see an eclipse coming meant that all climate models and predictions are beyond reproach: "The divided United States of America will unite today, sharing a cosmic event predicted by the methods and tools of science."

Not sure if that bit about the divided United States is over the notion of man-caused climate change or the race baiting of liberals or free speech in general. You'd think an educated guy like Tyson could be more specific.

And he is educated, no doubt of that. He's got a B.A. in Physics from Harvard, a M.A. in Astonomy from UT Austin and a phD in Astrophysics from Columbia. He's also got probably a dozen or so honorary phD's from numerous colleges, but those are pretty worthless. Wife beater Mike Tyson and pedophile Michael Jackson have honorary degrees. So does Kermit the Frog. And also the rock band Slade. So I wouldn't thump my chest over all the honorary degrees too much if I were him. And actually there's no evidence he does. But those who want to use him as an authority on climate science don't hesitate to bring that up without prodding.

But a guy with a B.A. in Physics ought to be a little familiar with the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and why that argues against the popular "greenhouse gas effect." Also a guy with two degrees in astronomy should understand that throwing the planet Venus up there as an example how CO2 levels affect planetary temps is disingenuous at best. Venus' atmosphere is 95% CO2 compared to the Earth's .04% and in addition Venus' atmospheric pressure is 92 times that of Earth, making it like a pressure cooker. You should know how that works -- simply increase the pressure in a closed system and the temp of the system rises.

An interesting counter factual here is that Mars' atmosphere is also 95% CO2. But because its atmosphere is .001 of Earth, the surface temp is -75°C cooler. So just screeching about atmospheric CO2 doesn't mean a whole lot. So many other factors that figure into, or should figure into, the analysis.

But Tyson wants you to think that because there are tested and proven mechanisms to predict solar eclipses and track/predict storm paths, that every ridiculous prediction put out by Gore, Tyson, that idiot Bill Nye and others is beyond reproach. Which is absurd. As a scientist, Tyson should be skeptical. Even he knows a lot of what we believe in astrophysics is speculation. We're going on mathematical modeling and best guess scenarios since we don't have the ability to actually test or physically observe a lot of the phenomena we accept as "true."

But Tyson is the Kardashian of science. Better looking and more eloquent than nitwit Nye, he's got enough movie and television appearances to fill an Imdb page. He turns up at CinemaSins for god's sake! He doesn't care if he's right or what he's promoting is actual science, as long as gets gigs in front of a camera, he's happy. I got a chuckle out of the slap backs he got on Twitter after the Harvey tweet. I'm sure it won't faze him in the least, he's way too in love with himself to be bothered by it all.

And that's a pity, because he is intelligent and he is eloquent and if he worried more about science and less about his Screen Actors Guild rep, he could help bring some reason to climate studies.

And speaking of Kardashians, Kylie Jenner posted this little number to her Instagram account:

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What is she, like 20 now? Astonishing that she hasn't gone the full monty yet in her social media or some magazine. Her mom must be losing her touch. She had Kendall doing see though and topless stuff about 5 minutes after she turned 18.

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