Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's going to make arguing the point more difficult now

it doesn't matter

In case you've missed it, video surfaced of a Planned Parenthood medical director discussing the harvesting and selling of fetal body parts from aborted babies. The video is gruesome enough, but the rush to excuse this barbaric practice is truly stomach turning. The most recent argument is that the women signed donor release forms allowing the PP centers to harvest the fetal materials for various medical uses.

Okay. But I thought these weren't babies but inanimate clumps of cells or tissues. That what abortion proponents keep saying -- We're not actually killing babies, just removing benign tissues from a willing patient.

Except now, we're hearing that these benign tissues have organs like livers and hearts. And have limbs that can be saved or crushed depending on what the murderer, excuse me, abortion practitioner wants to do with them.

Liver. Heart. Lungs. Arms and legs. Kind of sounds like a baby to me. So which is it folks? A clump of cells or a helpless child that's going to be crushed and mutilated in what is supposed to be the safety of a mother's womb in the name of convenience and big $$$'s?

See. It doesn't matter if you got a signed consent form to harvest those baby organs, you've just admitted that that is a child you're killing there. A helpless, innocent, tiny human being with working, functioning organs and limbs. That's life, dammit! And you're murdering it for the basest of reasons.

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