Sunday, July 12, 2015

Case solved!

A little while back, at the end of one of my posts, I tacked on this image of Emma Watson:

emma watson hotness?

I noted at the time that it was probably a fake since the prim and proper Ms. Watson doesn't do saucy like that. Sure enough, it is a fake. I ran across the original the other day online:

Danielle panabaker marc hom shoot

The model is Danielle Panabaker and the pic is from a Marc Hom photoshoot.

Back in the early days of the internet, there was a guy who called himself the Fake Detective, a humorously self-styled protector of young female Hollywood's reputations. He would track down the originals of various questionable nudes and post a graphic exposé of the fake. The pages looked a bit like an old wanted poster -- it was a clever bit of web ingenuity. I actually got in on one, providing an original for him (I'm assuming it was a "him") and got a hat tip at the time.

Early days fun :-)

He would also grade the fakes according to how well they were made, how believable (such as a crazy porn image would be so beyond the pale no one would go for it, etc.), and so on. So in that spirit, I would give this fake an "A" grade -- good graphic manipulation and not so outrageous as to make it immediately discountable.

Case solved.

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