Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sydney Leathers on Hannity last night

sydney leathers vivid

So Sydney Leathers was on Hannity last night. The only reason I'm posting on this is that I thought some of her comments and attitudes were quite illuminating. She was surprisingly at ease in the interview, articulate and came across as quite personable. But she's a young democrat and seems locked into the typical prejudices that are inculcated by the overwhelming liberal media and entertainment industry.

At one point she mentioned that she was sure that if she had been bringing down a Republican candidate, conservatives would have been tearing her to pieces. When Hannity replied that he only wanted honest, decent people in the government, she looked at him like he had three heads. She tried to continue the point, picking on a recent embarrassed Republican, and Hannity repeated his point again. She looked totally shocked.

And what else would you expect a 23 year old who gets her news from MSNBC, Comedy Central and the Huffington Post to think? Sadly, she doesn't notice that it is conservatives who quickly move to banish those who act in ways detrimental to the party or the country. Liberals are the ones moving heaven and earth to protect perverts and thieves and liars and criminals and the liberal media that does its best to provide cover for them.

I also had to laugh at one point when Hannity mentioned that Leathers was appearing at a gentlemen's club (HQ Strip Club) later in the evening. She throws up her hands in mock protest, saying it's not like she's stripping or anything, simply hosting an event.

So stripping = bad, but soft-core porn = okay? I've gotta say that I'm missing the distinction here. And Hannity is such a wretched reviewer, why didn't he ask about the videos for Vivid? I would have loved to hear her explain what exactly she was hoping to achieve. Is it simply money? Is she thinking about a career as an actress? She could not possibly be thinking about a career in politics with something like this in her closet. Perhaps she's hoping to be one of the famous-for-being-famous types that left wing shows will bring on to make denigrating comments about conservatives (which apparently she's already done). But other than her sexting and porn career, what would her bonifides be for that?

Interestingly, she didn't seem to have much sympathy for Weiner's wife Huma (sp?). Saying that his wife knew what was going on and yet stayed with him and enabled his behaviour. She also said she wasn't sorry she brought a man she had idolized down because she found him to be a liar and not the man she had built him up in her mind to be.

Most of the rest was typical of a young person -- didn't see herself living past 50, threw out something about not want to be a victim of "slut shaming" for her behaviour, also engaging in a bit of a slam, she suggested Weiner wasn't being satisfied at home -- ouch! And so on. Like I said, it's a shame Hannity is such a poor interviewer, here was an opportunity to see into the mind of a typical young Democrat voter, and he missed it badly.

Yowzers! I made mention of Ms. Leathers doing soft-core porn above. Well, I just saw a clip of her video at Vivid, and eesh . . . that ain't soft-core! That is full on hard-core porn with the works! I've got no idea what this gal's end game is, but that video isn't going to be a big plus on her resume imho.

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