Friday, July 12, 2013

I guess "Hot Donna" has simply given up

Back when That 70s Show first burst onto the scene, it was pretty much all Hot Donna 24-7. Big and red-haired, Laura Prepon was something interesting and new on television.

And besides, Jackie, as played by the then underaged Mila Kunis, was just annoying and she wore those god-awful late 70s dress clothes. yuck

But after the show went off the air, things changed dramatically. Mila grew up and got smoking hot and was doing all kinds of movies -- action, comedy, dramatic . . . she was everywhere.

And Hot Donna? Eh, not so much. A somewhat boring Maxim layout:

And a string of TV movies and series and voice overs. So now Laura's in her early 30s and maybe deciding she needs to get back on the public radar. How to do that? Get her Linda Blair on with some girls-in-prison action.

Yep, Laura's in the new straight-to-Netflix series Orange is the new Black. And it looks like it has the de rigueur nude lesbian shower action going on right out of the gate:

laura prepon nude shower scene
laura prepon nude shower scene

Desperate ploy or savvy artistic decision making? Who can say. One thing for sure, she's on every celeb blog this evening, so crazy like a fox perhaps :-)

It seems Laura flashed her stuff at least once before, in some movie titled Lay the Favorite. Don't know how that blockbuster slipped by me:

laura prepon topless



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