Thursday, July 4, 2013

How 'bout that Jonny Gomes

The Red Sox beat the Padres on a walk-off homer by pinch-hitting Jonny Gomes last night 2-1 keeping the Sox in first place in the AL East.

It was Gomes' second walk-off homer in as many weeks (last came against his former team, the Rays) and his third pinch-hit homer of the year.

Gomes has been the ultimate team player this year -- not chirping bout being a part-time player, always ready to go when he's needed, and coming through in the clutch -- and that's exactly why new GM Ben Cherrington brought him to Boston. I was a bit skeptical after the first couple of Cherri's moves, since it seemed he was only trading with his former boss, now in Chicago.

But the rebuilding of this team has paid dividends as a team picked by every pundit to finish dead last this year, has been leading the division almost all season, and is showing no signs of falling off. And that is completely due to the new character of the players in the clubhouse. Players brought in by Cherrington.

Not sure how the year will play out -- a run in the playoffs would be beyond delicious, but Cherri ought to win some sort of award for what he's done in Boston.

And you know who else is exited about the Sox? Why it's the world's hottest english teacher® Olivia Sprauer seen here posing on the beach behind my mansion:

olivia sprauer aka victoria v james

Okay, I made most of that up, but she's still hot . . . right?

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