Saturday, June 3, 2017

This week in climate hysteria

In case you missed it, the world ended this week. President Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Accord, and just like that, civilization died. Noted Nobel Laureate climate scholars such as John Kerry, Joe Scarborough and Jerry Brown told us that the death toll would be in the millions as pestilence, famine and raging super storms would immediately sweep across the planet in an apocalyptic wave of destruction that would be . . . well . . . apocalyptic.

Here's the problem with all that -- none of it is true or possible or based on science of any kind.

Let's start with the fact that the treaty was illegally signed by former President and supposed constitutional scholar Barack Obama. The United States of America is not a monarchy. Presidents do not have the power to sign treaties. Treaties must be approved by Congress. That's Schoolhouse Rock 101. You'd think the brilliant lightworker sent to us from another dimension would have known that.

I know, of course he knew that, he just didn't care. But it really didn't matter because the treaty was non-binding which meant it was simply an international exercise in virtue signaling. But it was also stupid and dangerous and very one-sided in what it sought to do, which was serve as socialist wealth redistribution from countries like the U.S. to underdeveloped or poor countries around the world.

And while it imposed draconian levels of CO2 reduction for America, it left other massive polluting nations like China and India free to do whatever they wished for decades to come. While America would be sending billions overseas to dictatorships that keep their citizens living in squalor, we here would see our fuel costs skyrocket and millions of jobs lost due to the shutting down of current power production facilities.

And let's remember the biggest fallacy of this entire scenario -- that we must reduce global CO2 levels to combat global warming or climate change or whatever. Global CO2 levels are actually at historic lows, despite the industrialized nature of the world today. And in fact, CO2 is a necessary part of life on this planet. Plants need CO2 to survive, and the modest increase has contributed to an actual, provable greening of the planet over the last two decades. And though planetary CO2 levels have increased over the last two decades, planetary tempuratures (measured by RSS, the most accurate method) have not increased.

Al Gore made himself the prophet of climate apocalypse with his laughable powerpoint movie, and yet not a single prediction of his has come even close to materializing. Remember, right now, according to Gore, New York is supposed to be under water because the polar ice caps were supposed to have totally melted away. As of 2016, Arctic ice levels are actually 22% higher than the previous low point of 2012. Antarctica is actually gaining ice mass and NASA suspects that ice growth is slowing the rise of the oceans.

And yeah, rising oceans, let's talk about that for a moment. The oceans are rising at the same rate they have been for as long as we've had the ability to accurately measure it. Using tide gauges, scientists (not actors or politicians or musicians) show that ocean levels are rising at less than 2 millimeters per year. At that rate, it would take 300 years for sea levels to rise one foot. That's hardly flooding of biblical proportions.

Extreme weather events simply haven't increased with the U.S. currently in a period of historic lows for hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc. As someone so elegantly put it -- the only prediction that has come true from IPCC reports is that each succeeding report will predict even worse climate scenarios. And it is important to note that the IPCC, the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is not a scientific organization but a political one comprised of over 80% politicians. Any wonder that their pronouncements and dire predictions seem only aimed at punishing developed countries in the name of global wealth distribution.

So if Michael Bloomberg wants to donate $15million of his own dollars to the Paris Accord folks, more power to him. If idiot mayors like Bill deBlasio want to declare that their cities will abide by the accord and jack up power costs and restrict their citizen's rights and lifestyles . . . go for it. And if you want to live like that, by all means, move to one of those cities where celebs with carbon footprints the size of Godzilla live like kings and queens while those who aren't millionaires struggle to stay warm in winter and not overheat in summer while they walk or ride a bicycle to work and see their paychecks decimated by massive tax increases to cover the costs of appeasing the cult of climate change.

Donald Trump has done his share of stupid things since becoming President, but he got this one right. Perhaps if he had better speechwriters, he could defend his case for occasionally doing the right thing in a better way.

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