Thursday, May 12, 2016

Eliza Dushku's bare ass -- you're welcome

eliza dushku naked

I missed the start of Banshee this season, so I've not been able to get onboard with the series' final season. I was hoping to catch a bit of Eliza in this as I've liked her in other things -- Tru Calling, Buffy, etc. I'd use my cable service's On Demand service, but some company called Frontier bought out Verizon here locally and none of those services work. Yet, surprisingly (NOT!) they're still charging full price for cable. Go figure.

Anyway, Eliza dropped a little skin in a recent episode, and the usual blog suspects grabbed some screen caps . . . so there ya go. She looks a bit thin to me, but who can say from pictures like this. I tossed in a fairly lo-res Instagram bikini pic because I had it.

eliza dushku naked
eliza dushku bikini

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