Friday, August 14, 2015

And just to make my point . . .

After my two posts below on Anne Hathaway and Katie Holmes, I did some digging around on the hard drive and dug up some topless pics of both.

Should I feel bad about having these images? I guess I could be a drug dealer or a murderer or a pedophile or something. A guilty pleasure about finding salacious pics of movie stars and celebs kind of seems way down there on the scale of naughtiness. I think. Maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway, here's the only stuff I have of Anne (like I said, she looks pretty bangin' to me):

anne hathaway topless
anne hathaway topless
anne hathaway topless

And here's a few screen caps from Katie's turn in The Gift from way back. Did what I could to clean them up.

katie holmes topless
katie holmes topless
katie holmes topless

Also a .gif

katie holmes topless clip from the gift

I was thinking about apologizing for the pretend violence in the clip, it's a fairly week slap after all (that doesn't excuse it of course), but then I thought if SJW are going to get all hot and bothered about violence against women, perhaps they ought to start with practically every movie out there that features this stuff. Just sayin'


Anonymous said...

Its a shame that Katie didn't do more topless/nude work when she was younger, I'm not sure it would be the same to see her topless now.

Tuerqas said...

It was a gif gift?

postaldog said...

Ba dum bump!

Very good :-)