Friday, December 12, 2014

Charli XCX wore this

charli xcx see thru

Not sure what a Charli XCX is (okay I'm kidding, I know she's a [airquote]singer[/airquote] but the 22 year old entertainer wore this demure (not) outfit at the 2014 Billboard Women of Music event.

charli xcx see thru
charli xcx see thru

I guess we should be happy she wore panties at least.

When I first put this post up I was going to make a comment about how Charli here was one awkward step away from an epic fashion moment. Apparently I wasn't wrong:

charli xcx nipples

Update 2:
And just to show that the above exposure might not have been so accidental, here's Charli in concert down here in Tampa giving visual definition to the term short ass skirt:

charli xcx ass
charli xcx ass


Tuerqas said...

Why is that? If you are going to wear it, make the 'most of it', I a say.

postaldog said...

Apparently she did . . . as seen in the update above.