Friday, August 29, 2014

So now it's backup the backup?

As I mentioned in a previous post, my computer picked up a nasty virus a while back. Long story short (it's worthy of several posts) I had to buy a new computer. And I also took my hard drive to Best Buy to get them to copy it onto a flash drive (another long story).

A couple of years ago, I purchased a Seagate 2TB stand-alone hard drive to back up my stuff. Obviously I wasn't done doing that (see above), but I mostly had everything covered.

With my new computer, I'm running Windows 7 (don't like 8 much) and my Seagate drive has been a bit wonky ever since I hooked it up to the new 'puter. I don't know if it is 7's constant powering down/up to save energy or what. But I went to do something the other day and the drive wouldn't respond at all.

Naturally I panicked like a big dog. I do other stuff besides this lightly read blog, and I've got a lot of original material that cannot be duplicated. So I finally manage to get the thing running, everything's in there. But I'm thinking -- better check this little guy out.

I go to Seagate's website and download some diagnostic software and run it on the drive. At one point a dialog box comes up and warns that some data might be lost if I continue, so I should back up the drive before continuing.


This IS the freekin' backup!!! So now I'm expected to backup my backup?! Where does this bizarro world daisy chain end?!

I've still got a pile of zip discs that I was using for backup that are loaded with stuff I'll probably never get out because zip drives are like hen's teeth. How about that flash drive you say? Yeah, great idea. It's USB 3, so that'll be good for what . . . another year before it's obsolete?

I mean, I've got stuff that's USB 2 and supposedly USB 3 is backward compatable. Except . . . maybe it's not . . . or sometimes . . . or never . . . or better get an adapter . . . all depending on which tech site/blog you go to.

Yeah, but the cloud...   Oh yeah, let me store all my one-of-a-kind data on someone else's server, 'cause that's totally secure, right? And there'll never be a problem recovering that from them whenever I want it, right? Yeah.

Like I said, where does it end? We now amass gigabytes and terabytes of data we don't want to lose and there seems to be no perfect solution to archiving it. I don't know what the answer is, but this endless copying and storing of data is both tedious and expensive. And frustrating  :_(

And for no other reason than I have the picture, here's Keira Knightley topless from Interview magazine:

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keira knightley topless interview magazine

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