Monday, June 2, 2014

Why, yes I am going to post the banned Eva Green / Sin City poster

But probably not for the reason you're thinking:

As I trolled around the various celeb blogs and came across the story of the poster being banned by the MPAA, I was struck by how many times I saw the MPAA called a conservative group as though a bunch of pastors had gotten together and ordered the poster be removed from movie lobbies or something.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The MPAA is Hollywood's own censoring organization, created in the 1920's by Hollywood to keep the federal government from doing it's own censorship of the movie industry. Nobody in their right mind should think that anything in Hollywood qualifies as "conservative" and yet, these idiot bloggers continue to push this falsehood on their low information readers.

This has always been a pet peeve of mine (along with actresses that get roles as strippers and refuse to show any skin, but you already know about that one, see here and here) so I'm going to vent a bit once more.

These celeb bloggers spend their days posting pics of women and making d*ck and boob jokes. They get thousands of "likes" on Facebook and "shares" on Google, and their hit counter spins furiously, and all of the sudden they think they have some deep insight into the world because their blog gets some traffic. And no one bothers to fact check them, so heaven only knows how many gullible readers will see those posts and come away thinking the banning of that poster is due to evil conservatives (as in Republicans).

Here's my thing -- just because they've got a bigger soapbox than you or I, doesn't make their opinion on anything more valid than yours or mine. And we've already seen the effect of blatant falsehoods, character assasination, and idol worship on our political system -- a stunningly unqualified junior senator elected president and re-elected four years later.

It's bad enough to get that continuously on the nightly news or in the papers without having it stealthed at the public via supposedly innocent amusement blogs.



the ad company (lazy to google) did a great job promoting this movie. Everybody is oolding the poster and blogging about it

no secret that sex sells

postaldog said...

Oh yeah, that's some basic marketing 101 going on right there. They knew that poster wouldn't pass the censors and just like the "leak" during production that Jessica Alba was going to be topless (now known to not be happening) it scorches across the blogs and generates plenty of buzz for the movie.

Mission accomplished for the marketing folks.