Friday, February 28, 2014

Jessica Alba's Sin City promo picture reminds me

Of just how much it aggravates me when actresses take on roles as strippers but refuse to show any skin:

jessica alba in sin city

From Jessica Alba to Natalie Portman to Lindsay Lohan to Jennifer Aniston to . . . etc., I've ranted about this many times before -- why audition for and then accept a role that will/should entail some nudity then refuse to show any skin?

And the character of Nancy in the Sin City novels isn't a rocket scientist after all, she's a stripper, and her hotness and sexuality is a driving force in many of the stories. And Frank Miller certainly has no qualms about letting readers know about Nancy's physical attributes:

And don't even get started with that nonsense about Alba getting naked in the sequel. Ain't happenin' folks. Jessica Alba doesn't do nudity. Period. And she especially isn't going to go topless after having kids. Don't mean to be vulgar, but it's a fact. I know there was talk about it when the sequel was first floated, but just like the rumors about Aniston getting topless in her sequel (to We're The Millers), if there's any skin, it'll be backlit or blurred or body-doubled, just like the spanking scene that had folks so worked up a few years back (that wasn't Alba there either).

I'm sure Alba will do a decent job in the role (expanded for the sequel), but don't expect any eye-popping reveals of her body. But just one time I'd like to see an actress of note take on a role like this and have the courage and confidence to do it as written.

You can check out my similar rant spurred by Jennifer Aniston in We're the Millers here.

Btw, you can check out the trailer for the new Sin City movie -- A Dame to Kill for, here. And watch Jessica try her best to look smokin' hot as a fully clothed stripper:



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Hope it's not Harry Reid, he'll just say it's all lies!