Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Al Gore needs a time out

Speaking at a gathering of brainwashed climate alarmists last weekend, Al Gore responded to opposing views on anthropogenic global warming by calling the ideas and anyone who espoused them "bullsh*t!"

If you haven't heard the audio, the Goreacle sounds a bit unhinged, like a guy who's finding out that his bolt of lightning lucky plan to make himself obscenely wealthy was falling apart.

Well, that's what happens when you base your powerpoint joke-umentary on an IPCC report that wouldn't stand scrutiny at a sixth grade science fair. Every single point in Gore's movie has been thoroughly rebutted. And even now, the guy who put forth the nonsense about the polar bears drowning that horrified school children is being investigated for fraud and scientific malfeasance.

Global warming? Even the guys at the East Anglia Climate center admit we've been in a period of global cooling for ten years! And even if the overall trend is warming, we haven't even reached the temperature of the planet back when Jesus walked the earth.

No increase in the number of storms or their intensity, despite the hysterical untruths thrown around after the tornado tragedy earlier this year.

Gore barks that climate change deniers are putting forth pseudo-scientists to refute his claims, which is pretty high dudgeon coming from a man who lined up muscians, actors, and businessmen who had bought into his carbon offset ponzi scheme to sign off on his climate manifesto.

In truth, many of those refuting the Goreacle are actual scientists who originally bought into the frenzy and are now realizing the science was faulty and more politically motivated than a search for scientific fact.

I said in a post long ago, that the theory of global warming flies in the face of the Second Law of Thermodynamics -- you simply cannot have a system increase energy all by itself. If that was true, you could seal up a box of air and it would heat up on it's own. Ever see that happen? And within the last day or two, scientists examining NASA's own atmospheric data have found that the upper atmosphere is sheading heat to space much more efficiently and quickly than warming hysterics have claimed with their computer models.

You have to wonder, when people like Gore and Ed Begley and James Cameron are shrieking the "science is settled" why they cannot produce a computer model that accurately predicts anything, even past climate! The E. Anglia e-mail dump showed that the researchers there were baffled by this very situation and wondered if they were heading in the wrong direction with their conclusions. Pity they didn't follow their honest instincts, we wouldn't have this stupid situation now.

As for the Goreacle -- if he wasn't single-handedly wreaking havoc on the world with his unsupportable claims of climate apocolypse, I might feel sorry for him. Dude lost an election that was handed to him on a silver platter. And now his dream of being a climate czar are crashing down under the weight of actual science.
Well, at least he has his paperweight, I mean Nobel Prize.

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