Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Here's what to do with Jared Cano

This is a picture of Jared Cano sobbing like a b*tch at his arraignment today in Federal Court here in Tampa:

In case you haven't heard of this case, little Jared here got expelled from a Tampa high school and decided to get even. He planned to blow up the school and kill a bunch of his fellow students to sate his righteous indignation.

According to local law enforcement, a manifesto (yeah, everybody's got one now) posted online states that he was specifically targetting two teachers and hoped to rack up more casualties than the Columbine massacre.

Little sack of sh*t wanted to kill dozens of children because he got expelled, and he's crying like a baby because he got caught and is going to jail?!

Swinging off the end of some 400lb hairy killer's penis in the Federal Penitentiary for the next twenty years isn't enough punishment for this little douchebag! I say ship the little f*cker off to Iraq, give him a pair of heavy shoes, and make him run in front of convoys to check for IED's!

Worst part of all this is that some bleeding heart liberal is going to blame everyone else except this little psycho for what he was planning to do and he'll end up living off our taxes in a rest home stacking blocks and coloring pictures until some idiot psychiatrist decides to rubber stamp his return to society.

I hope someone's waiting for him when he gets out.

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Anonymous said...

I hope someone is waiting for him when he gets out, too. Man I hate the idea that I have to pay for this little fuckers' warm meals and lodging in an air conditioned room. IED checking sounds like a great new job for him.