Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If this doesn't break your heart . . .

. . . then you don't have one:

Petty Officer Jon T. Tumilson was one of the Navy SEALs that was killed on Aug 6 by a rpg fired at his helicopter. Tumilson was laid to rest Friday in Rockford, Iowa. The service was attended by an estimated 1500 mourners, including Tumilson's dog, Hawkeye.

In what is one of the most heartbreaking images I've seen in a long time, Hawkeye lays at the foot of his master's casket for the entirety of the funeral service.

How many times we've see the amazing bond between an animal and it's owner. We've all got anecdotes about dogs or cats that sense our most subtle feelings or exhibit a genuine sense of loss when we're gone.

It's that reach beyond flesh and bone, beyond simple organic existence that gives me belief in the divine.

My sincerest sympathies to the family of Petty Officer Tumilson for their loss and thank you Jon, for your service to your country and fellow SEALs.

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