Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rule 5 Sunday -- Leighton Meester

This Sunday's Rule 5 beauty is Leighton Meester.

Now I don't watch Gossip Girl, though with the likes of Leighton, Blake Lively, and until recently, Taylor Momsen, I'm sure it was a leggy eyeful of television programming.

I find Leighton cute and sexy in that girl-next-door kind of way, but as seen in these Esquire Magazine pics, she does a really good job of getting her smolder on.

Plus she's apparently pretty hardcore as I read recently that she's suing her own mother for taking the money Leighton was sending home to help with her disabled brother and blowing it on cosmetic surgery and other frivolous expenses.

Hot, sexy, kicks ass, looks after her little brother . . . what's not to like?

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