Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The bus tour rocks!


Honestly, I'm loving every minute of Sarah Palin's bus tour and the hyperventilating it is causing on both sides of the political spectrum!

Karl Rove -- who by the way abandoned George Bush during his second term in office, leaving him to be slaughtered by the liberal press for making gutsy calls like supporting Gen. Petraeus and such, is on FOX whining that Sarah isn't playing by the rules and isn't/can't run a campaign without doing it the same way it's always been done . . . blah, blah, blah.

George Will is soiling his panties talking about how Sarah can't be trusted with nukes or command, even though the trusted Washington veteran who vetted McCain's VP choices said she knocked the vetting questionaire "out of the park" and came off as totally competent as much or more so than any of the other VP candidates.

The liberal press is whining that Sarah won't pre-advertise her itinerary so they can properly stalk her and sabotage her fan greets with Media Matters plants and other George Soros stooges.

One press manager said she was putting the press "at risk" by forcing them to chase her down the highway in their buses!? Is that rich or what? Here's an idea -- quit chasing her, dumbasses!

The liberal media has spent 4 years trashing this woman and her family for the unpardonable sin of running for Vice President on a Republican ticket. She's been hounded, demagoged, lied about, slandered, stalked, just about every non-physical assault that can be dreamed up has been launched at this incredible woman, and she just keeps going and smiling and making the left look like fools.

I don't care if she runs for President or not. I'm lovin' every minute of her punking these arrogant clowns . . . on both sides of the aisle.

And in the bikini fail department for this week, I bring you Aubrey Oday.

Now I don't actually mind Aubrey myself. I actually find her kind of attractive, at least I did before she got so oddly out of shape.

But here's my thing -- if you're going to wear a bathing suit that doesn't have any elastic in it to hold it up, don't hike up your top and suck in your fat belly that's holding the suit up, 'cause you end up with what's going on in the picture on the left below.

Now I'm not sure, but that might be a record for how low a suit can droop without something illegal showing. I'm assuming that the only reason those bottoms aren't around her ankles is because her legs are together.

Couldn't she feel what was going on there? Maybe she didn't care. I don't know. But that's a biscuit away from TMI right there.

The pic on the right is from Aubrey's Playboy shoot a couple of years ago to show that I'm not crazy when I said I found her attractive.

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