Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Taylor Swift has visible panty lines . . . ass still not included

taylor swift panty lines

Taylor Swift is taking a break from writing songs about ex-boyfriends and is now trying her hand at a pop cd. The country music world is up in arms as though this is the first time a country (if you can call Swift that) artist did a cross-over album or cd. The song's okay, sort of a 80s and 90s mash up . . . hell, if Katy Perry can crank this stuff out, why not Swifty?

The thing will be on heavy rotation on top 40 stations and I'll be interested to see/hear the other stuff on the release. Maybe she's got the songwriting chops to pull this off.

And oh brother, now there's this -- apparently race baiters don't have enough to do with the mess in Ferguson to keep them busy, now they're picking on offensive-as-skim-milk Taylor Swift. A article entitled "Is Taylor Swift's new music video offensive?" asks the burning question about whether a white girl can now have black back-up dancers:
The point of controversy is when Swift appears with a crew of black backup dancers who twerk and break-dance around her. In one scene, Swift crawls under an archway of black women’s asses as they twerk for the camera.
If they had actually watched the vid, the writers of that schlock-fest would have seen that the back-up dancers are both white and black, and may have noticed that Swifty's simply doing a light parody of various video forms and artists.

And speaking of actually watching there's this from a rapper named earl sweatshirt

?!?!?!   Yeah, clever name there brother, hope you didn't pull a muscle coming up with that one . . . sheesh
haven't watched the taylor swift video and I don't need to watch it to tell you that it's inherently offensive and ultimately harmful
So . . . black guy hates on white artist because . . . she's white. Who's being offensive and ultimately harmful here?

And speaking of ass not included, Swifty showed up at the VMA's in an adorable onesey trying to look all fierce and such:

taylor swift vma 2014

But I'm not sure whether to shake my head or what at the fact that she's so skinny she can't fill that thing out. I don't know . . . you can be too thin. But she is cute:

taylor swift vma 2014

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