Monday, April 21, 2014

Looks like Scarlett Johansson finally got nekkid

I made mention in a previous post about how I was mystified that actresses such as Johansson would audition for roles that require nudity when they flatly refuse to get naked on screen. Guess that's changed:

*click any image for uncensored version*

scarlett johansson nude

For her role in Under the Skin, it looks like Scarlett has decided to go full frontal in her performance. Pretty gutsy going from modest to laying it all out there for the audience, imho. I've teased about her before, so it's only fair I give her props for being this courageous:

scarlett johansson nude
scarlett johansson nude

Especially since she doesn't have the typical "model's" body:

scarlett johansson nude
Johansson is always on those "Top..." whatever lists because of how fans and the media have idealized her physique in their minds. I've always admitted I like her unconventional beauty, but have been frank in pointing out that her somewhat stocky body is at odds with the relentless fawning over her by magazines and bloggers. It's different to be sure, but if my girlfriend looked like this, I certainly wouldn't be complaining  :-)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So Winnie's still killin' it at DWTS rehersals

Danica McKellar shows up for rehersals at DWTS rocking the leggings and showing off some impressive white girl booty:

danica mckellar booty

Cute as a button and able to tote humongous bags with ease:

danica mckellar dwts cute

And did I mention that impressive booty?

danica mckellar booty

Nice :-)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Boy, get off the grid for a few days . . .

... I come back, turn on my computer, and there's Miley, topless as a . . .


That ain't right. Well, anyways, she's in wig sitting on a horse topless as all get out:

miley topless on a horse
*click for uncensored*

Chick's not even trying to be subtle about it anymore. I'm still waiting for ole' pervy to release what he's got, because you know Miley got her freak on when she was working with Terry Richardson. That stuff should be interesting.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Danica McKellar for the win

Danica McKellar shows up to workouts for her Dancing with the Stars appearance looking fully hot:

danica mckellar nice ass

Wow! All that hotness and a degree in Mathematics as well (my major also *sigh*)

danica mckellar booty shortsdanica mckellar booty shorts

She could just walk across the stage eating an ice cream cone and get my vote on this year's show.

And speaking of hotness, Danica was looking pretty nice in Stuff Magazine a while back too:

danica mckellar sexy

danica mckellar lingeriedanica mckellar stuff magazine

Hmmm, I'm getting some wardrobe ideas for this season's competition :-)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Gad! Almost forgot . . .

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

st.patrick's day blessing

A guy could lose his Irish license for missing this.

Here's something we don't see enough of . . .

Icy beauty Rosamund Pike in a bikini:

rosamund pike bikini

Looks like someone's been doin' their crunches in the gym.

From the cheesy goodness of Doom and the underrated Surrogates, to the mainstream money-makers like Die Another Day and Jack Reacher I've found her cool unorthodox beauty to be quite alluring. Nice to finally get to see what's under all that wardrobe:

rosamund pike bikini
rosamund pike bikini