Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How long before this chick is working for the Clinton campaign too?

marilyn mosby is a racist and a loser

As you probably know, earlier this week, Wikileaks produced a ton of e-mails proving what most reasonable people already knew -- Debbie Wasserman Shultz was running the DNC as a political machine for the Clintons. Specifically, working to torpedo the upstart Sanders campaign and protect Hillary from any suggestion of wrongdoing or culpability in inconvenient things like Bengazi and such.

After her humiliating removal from her position as head of the DNC, Debbie Downer was quickly offered a new job -- with the Clinton campaign. So basically nothing changed for her.

Now today, we get news that prosecutors have dismissed the last of the Freddie Gray trials, effectively ending self-aggrandizing fame whore racist Maryland State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby's attempt to enrich herself at the expense of six innocent police officers.

Since the Dems went to great lengths to get the moms of career criminals to attend the Dem convention and speak to the statistically unprovable lie of marauding cops slaughtering innocent young black men by the hundreds each day, I won't be surprised to see Mosby turn up on the Clinton campaign in short order.

Birds of a feather, and all that.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

San Diego ComicCon is right around the corner, and you know what that means . . .

My favorite attention hungry redhead is getting her costumes ready. Let's see what she's got for us this year:

First up, we have some sort of ad hoc Star Wars get up. She's got a Darth Vader helmet there. Not sure where this one is going:

maitland ward comic con 2016

Ahhh . . . the old standby . . . Princess Leia slave girl outfit. Maitland's a bit fuller in figure than she's been in years past. Walking around in this outfit might lead to some interesting moments. IfyouknowwhatImeanandIthinkthatyoudo:

maitland ward princess leia comic con 2016

Okay, we're going to try the Leeloo costume again. She made a run at this one last year and it turned out a bit crappy. Looks closer to the movie costume this time and see my comment above about trying to walk around in this outfit:

maitland ward leeloo comic con 2016

Yeah, this is basically what I'm talking about . . . a bit of the old free the nipple which I believe is frowned upon as the San Diego convention. Conservatives are banned from Twitter, but not bare bosoms. Ain't the internet wonderful?

maitland ward nipple

I got nothing here. You? It's green and see through (always a plus), but what . . . a LOTR elf or something? *shakes head*

Update: Ahh, I see, it's a Logan's Run outfit. Why didn't I see that before? *facepalm*

maitland ward comic con 2016

I'm surprised she isn't rocking the Harley Quinn outfit or perhaps Lara Croft (they're rebooting it with teenie actress Alicia Vikander, so no big bewbs). And with a movie Wonder Woman and a television Super Girl . . . there's plenty of other sexy outfits to go for.

We'll see what she comes up with and if it's anything amazing, I'll definitely post it here.

Trailers for a couple of movies that might be fun

I just ran across this trailer today, having no idea they were even making another sequel in the XXX movie series:

The original XXX was a brilliant conceit -- pointing out the anachronistic idea of the tuxedoed spy in today's gritty guttural world. And a more subtle approach -- why train a spy for years to do all these amazing stunts when it's easier to take a stunt man and just put a gun in his hands and turn him loose?

The original XXX was a jumping off point for all these high-octane action movies that are now common place and Vin Diesel was just the right guy for the role. He didn't take himself or the role too seriously. He did an admirable job of looking like a world class stunt guy thrust into a life or death situation he had never experienced before. The movie also had the added plus of the always slightly off-kilter Asia Argento co-starring.

The original still has one of my favorite movie lines that I've only managed to work into a conversation once. When Xander Cage (Diesel) is first introduced to Argento's character in a bar, she offers him a drink. He accepts and asks for the drink on ice telling her she can chip a piece off her heart . . . if she can find it.


The sequel to the original stunk for a lot of reasons, most notably the casting of the portly and unathletic Ice Cube as the new XXX. Cube can scowl and grimace until the cows come home and he's so absurdly un-threatening and unconvincing it made the movie even more unbelievable. Also the film's makers decided that the XXX moniker was going to be a generic title given to any agent at any time, leaving them the freedom to constantly recast the role as they pleased. That didn't work out so well.

So we have the original Xander Cage back in action and the trailer looks sufficiently awesome to hopefully be a hit. I actually like Diesel as an actor. Loved the first Pitch Black and the third installment, Riddick, wasn't all that bad. So hopefully he's got another decent flick for him here.

Next we have yet another remake of The Magnificent Seven, this time starring Denzel Washington:

The other trailers for this movie point out that it is directed by the same guy, Antoine Fuqua, who did Training Day and The Equalizer, both top-notch films starring Denzel. The Equalizer is, of course, a remake in its own right of the television series starring Edward Woodward. It's playing on cable now (the movie, that is), and if you haven't seen it, you should check it out. It's quite good.

Anyway, I'm liking the casting of this current remake of the remake of the old Kurosawa classic The Seven Samurai. I don't hate on Chris Pratt like some critics do (I'm looking at you John Nolte), and there's also Ethan Hawke and Vincent D'Onofrio (who I'd really like to see drop a few pounds and come back to Criminal Intent for a season) among others. Some chick named Haley Bennett plays the damsel in this version. She looks vaguely familiar but probably because she bears some resemblance to Jennifer Lawrence.

Like the XXX trailer above, this looks sufficiently action-y and Fuqua has shown a knack to make pretty edgy films, so I think I might definitely try to catch this one in the theaters when it comes out.

On a side note -- there's another version of this trailer set to the old Animals tune House of the Rising Sun. It's pretty awesome. And now that I'm typing this, I wonder if the song's a nod to the original Kurosawa flick. That's pretty meta.

Let them say it more eloquently than I can

still nevertrump

Jonah Goldberg:
No, the convention was a failure before it even began. Because most of us have only known political conventions as stage-managed infomercials, we’ve come to think that’s their actual purpose: to throw a grand party for the candidate who won the most delegates. But conventions predate that function by more than a century.

The goal wasn’t to pick a candidate whom a bare majority or slim plurality of delegates loved and a large minority couldn’t stand. It was to find the candidate most acceptable to the most people.

That’s the original purpose of conventions: to find the candidate the party could unify around. Since the rise of the modern primary system, we switched to the practice of putting it all up for a vote. Whoever gets a majority of delegates in primary elections is the nominee. This wasn’t a problem most years because all of the candidates were ultimately acceptable to the party. People grumbled about this or that candidate (I certainly did), but there was no #NeverDole or #NeverRomney movement.

This time is different. Countless leading Republicans skipped this convention, including all of the living previous nominees, save for Bob Dole. Most delegates in attendance have made their peace with Donald Trump, but a very large number have not. The Trump boosters think this is all sour grapes, and that’s an understandable reaction. What they can’t (or won’t) see is that Trump is viewed by many conservatives as an imposter and hijacker.

The TV cameras may show a lot of excited delegates cheering Trump on the floor. What the cameras can’t show is the discontent represented by those who refused to attend in the first place.

David French:
Ideas matter, and supporting Trump means advancing ideas I find not just wrong, but destructive. I’ve defended the unborn my entire career; he praises Planned Parenthood. I believe that marriage is a sacred covenant between husband and wife; he’s a serial adulterer. I believe America should lead the world in defense not just of its territorial integrity but also of civilization itself; he would retreat into glorified isolationism. I believe that free trade has made America more prosperous and enriched the lives of its citizens; he threatens to start ruinous economic conflicts. I believe that a core American value is that we can and must judge our citizens by the content of their character, not the color of their skin or their families’ roots; he attacks a federal judge because of his parents’ Mexican heritage.

Character matters, too, and supporting Trump means elevating a man of low morals, which is the last thing our nation needs. I believe men should strive to be honest; Trump lies habitually. I believe men should treat women with respect; he mocks any woman who opposes him or challenges him. I believe in treating opponents fairly; he calls them names and spreads the most vile rumors about their families. I believe that public officials should be intellectually curious, striving to know more about the world; Trump is aggressively ignorant, paying far more attention to poll numbers and press clippings than to the issues he’d confront in the Oval Office.

The conservative movement is invested in the long game — our own “long march” through American cultural institutions. It is not worth throwing away years of influence for the sake of four months of intraparty peace. When Trump crashes and burns — and he will, either on the trail or in the Oval Office — Americans won’t look to his partisans and defenders to rebuild from the wreckage. They’ll seek other voices. For the sake of the nation, it’s vital that those other voices are both conservative and untainted by alliance or association with the newly minted Republican nominee for president.

Much better than one of my I shouldn't be posting angry posts when it comes to this election cycle.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Republican Party that I knew is officially dead to me

the repbulican party is dead

In a triumph for the establishment Republicans, Donald Trump got the necessary delegates to be named the party's candidate for the 2016 election.

The convention rules committee squashed any dissent with underhanded and shameful parliamentary maneuvering so that the candidate with the support of only 30-35% of the voting public is now the party's candidate.

So for the record, we have a life-long progressive Democrat running for President on the Republican ticket. A self-aggrandizing, vulgar, misogynistic bully who represents everything distasteful in American culture is now the avatar for conservatism in this country.

I don't want to hear what a nice guy Reince Preibus is and he's just being a party loyalist. I don't want to hear excuses about the pundits and writers and bloggers and television talking heads and how they're just doing what they can to keep Hillary out of the White House.

Hey assholes?! Mission Fail! Okay?! This f*cking bozo isn't going to come close to winning this election. It's going to be a brutal smackdown that will embolden and empower the progressive/socialist/democrat party in this country for decades.

You opinion makers on the right -- you f*cked the entire country over with your stupidity and cowardly acquiescence to a dim bulb bully.

You last generation Republican stars -- Newt, Sarah, Huck, Rove, et. al., just get the f*ck out! We don't need or want you and your famewhore sellout asses. Get lost!

And when your spray-tan idol gets crushed in the general election, don't go pointing fingers at me. I told you a long time ago I wouldn't vote for this bozo. You had every chance to get a decent honorable conservative at the top of the ticket and you backed down like John Boehner on steroids.

You screwed this up. Don't make excuses, at least man up and admit you cost us this election. But then what am I saying? I'm expecting these cowards to have some honor. They just proved they have none.

Ariel Winter is keepin' it classy too

ariel winter ass in shorts

Remember back earlier this year, when Ariel Winter was an awkward 18 year old trying to come to terms with her breast reduction surgery and a doughy full-figured physique? My how times have changed. The much more comfortable in her own skin Ms. Winter went to something called The Nice Guy in a pair of ripped short shorts, a nearly see-though top and f*ck me boots.

Daddy's little girl, indeed.

ariel winter in short shorts
ariel winter in short shorts

For the record, that Daddy's little girl remark was in reference to a fairly demure picture she posted to Instagram of her and her father. Like I've said many times before . . . so glad I had a boy. If I saw images of my little girl showing her ass like this to the world, I'd probably have a heart attack:

ariel winter ass in shorts

Courtney Stodden keepin' it classy while pregnant

courtney stodden classy while pregnant

Courtney Stodden is pregnant and setting aside the creepiness of how all that works out between her and almost 60 year old Doug Hutchinson, she's starting to make the rounds showing off her baby bump and enjoying the freedom of dressing like this because being pregnant is one of those get out of jail free cards when it comes to clothing these days.

courtney stodden classy while pregnant
courtney stodden classy while pregnant

Actually the outfit isn't all that bizarre, especially for Court, but she's barely showing and yet she's walking around with her jeans unbuttoned like she can't get pants to fit her properly.

Oh well.

And just because I have it, here's the modest and demure Ms. Stodden at a Valentine's Day party earlier this year dishing out her usual epic sideboob action:

courtney stodden massive boobs for valentine's day