Wednesday, October 19, 2016

*sigh* another debate tonight

another fucking debate

Why are we bothering with this?

In past election cycles, even when it looked like one candidate was going to run away with it, there was perhaps some information or at least a chance for the supposed loser in the race to make a few last points. Anyone think Trump is going to go out with some dignity?

Yeah, me neither.

I mean, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that Clinton will win the White House. Every single substantive poll shows her anywhere from 5 to 8 points up, and by most accounting, already has enough electoral votes to win the race. Only the last remnants of Trump's delusional bumper sticker voters like Drudge are pointing to random college polls claiming with exclamation points that the race is tied up. How pathetic.

Rabid cesspool Conservatives4Palin has shrunk down to just one post a day, pretty much all by their live in mouth breather Thomas, who has given up totally trying to defend Trump or forward the Trump platform (probably because there never was anything beyond some slogans to begin with) and is throwing all the mud at Hillary he can. Sort of pointless to do in an echo chamber. And not that Hillary doesn't deserve any and all of the criticism leveled at her, it's just . . . why are you bothering? The knuckle draggers that frequent that place don't need to be convinced who to vote for. They've been all in for Trump since the get go, since Sarah sold her soul and integrity to support him.

What anyone who truly cares about conservatism and the fate of this country should be focusing on now are the down ballot races. Make sure the Republican party doesn't lose any seats in the House or Senate and get ready for the next four years of bumping and banging in Washington.

So a couple of hours of prime time television will get blocked out tonight. I guess we'll get a lot of Trump launching one insane conspiracy theory after another at Hillary. I'm not sure who the moderators will be tonight, but I'm wondering if they advocate as hard for Hillary as the others have. And if so, I wonder if we'll get treated to the sight of Trump walking off stage in the middle of the debate. He's already destroyed a teleprompter at one event, and he's been sowing the seeds of a rigged election for the last couple of weeks. I can easily see a scenario where he argues with the moderator and stomps off and then goes into a furious tweet-storm blaming everyone but himself for his historic failure.

I doubt anyone is going to change their vote or make a final decision based on what happens tonight. This has been the most polarizing campaign in my adult lifetime. This isn't going to be a dignified way for the process to finish.

Just not sure why we're going through the motions. It's like inviting people to a prospective trainwreck . . . "Come on, watch the carnage, it'll be great!"


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -- Let me stand . . .

agents of shield season 4 episode 4 recap

Very good episode last night in terms of pushing the season's plotline forward, addressing a few nagging concerns and some decent action as well. Plus, I'm sort of pleased to see that one or two things I was hoping for/suggesting seem to be coming to pass.

Suffering from a gunshot and the debilitating effects of using her powers, Daisy reaches out to Simmons for help by luring her to a supposedly for sale apartment. There's some nice back and forth between the two, showcasing Gemma's newfound boldness and self confidence from her ordeal on that planet with Hive. And also a much appreciated dressing down of Daisy and her life course as Gemma scolds her by saying Daisy can't simply abandon her friends then come crawling back when she needs help then re-abandon them again. It was mom giving her daughter a stern dose of reality and I wonder if maybe that and Daisy's interaction with Coulson later in the episode is the beginning of her finding herself that sense of belonging she's been looking for since the series began.

We get a fun, though improbable, car chase between Coulson and Mack in Phil's restored vintage vette and Reyes' Charger. I say improbable because we know Coulson's car can fly, though that function is currently disabled, but a supercharged big block Dodge V8 versus that Chevy straight 6 . . . not remotely close. But it was a fun little throwback scene, complete with a run down the LA river to an unexpected conclusion.

And I hadn't thought of it before, but it makes sense that the Rider's car would be indestructible. Duhrr

The Rider captured and Daisy back with the gang for a moment, we finally get a bit of the team up action they've hinted at all off season. Reyes more than holds his own, and we get a scene of him using the flaming chain that was fun to see. I liked that.

We also got lots more of Aida as Holden allows Aida to treat May as a nurse, driving Fitz to near apoplexy as worries May will realize exactly what Aida is. But it's Gemma, near the episode's end, that immediately recognizes not only what Aida is, but Fitz' handiwork in the android's behavior. And happily, she's not pissed off at him which is usually the reaction in standard television fare. That was nice also.

In a way, this was Gemma's episode. We got to see a lot of her functioning with confidence that has developed over her ordeals the last few seasons. She mothers Daisy, acts competently in a gun fight, and shows some clever skills and enjoyment of using her new position within S.H.I.E.L.D to get things done.

We got a bit more background on the DarkHold book that caused the ghosts, Robbie's uncle's role in that mess and learned that the firestarter guy, James, from the Hive storyline is the one feeding info to the Watchdogs, helping them kill Inhumans. Still left to explain is who within the government is working with Senator Nadeer from last week's episode.

We did get a tease for next week's show that has Daisy wearing her gauntlets once again. In this week's show, Simmons chastised Daisy for not using them to protect herself. Daisy responds that they're not exactly unobtrusive to wear, so I'm wondering if we'll see them redesigned at some point to something less obvious. Some of the promo images of Chloe Bennett as Daisy have her wearing tactical black looking gauntlets as part of her uniform. So we'll see.

In this one aspect, I feel sort of pleased that the show's writers are going down one small path I thought they might. Fun to be right once in a while.

And along that line . . . I mentioned something in my discussion of Westworld the other day that apparently I'm not the only one thinking.

I wondered if perhaps the complex/park was off world somehow, and that might explain some of the anomalies we've seen so far. This last episode added a bit of fuel to that in my opinion.

The com center where we see Bernard video chatting with his wife, and other employees engaging in similar conversations -- the difficulty of getting a call out and the quality of the transmission is casually dropped in this scene. With the next level tech on display in the park, it's a bit hard to imagine that a simple cellphone call is a challenge unless the distance is extreme. There's the possibility that the facility is shielded in some way. But I'm still thinking this points to an off world location for Westworld.

The price of admission, so to speak, might be telling too. We hear that guests are paying $40,000 a day to stay/play in the park. Seems a bit extreme to me. There could be some real hyper-inflation in the future. And the park isn't overrun with guests, so a small number of paying customers might need to really dish it out to make the place work. But surely this isn't the only enterprise this Delos corp. is involved in. I'm picturing something like Umbrella from the Resident Evil movie series -- a company with it's fingers in practically everything, but has this park as something special for a perhaps more nefarious purpose in the grand scheme of things. So again, $40,000 per day seems more reasonable if you imagine you've got to send your guests to another planet for their vacation.

Also -- how long is a day in Westworld? Delores is our unofficial time keeper in the series. We know a day begins when we see her wake in bed and then leave her house to go paint by the river . . . Teddy is riding in on the train and so on. We know the day ends when Delores is attacked at her home. But there are other scenarios that are going on that have nothing to do with Delores or Teddy -- the hunt for escaped killers, etc. And we see the park's techs and employees cleaning up after gunfights and other events when there are no guests or hosts around. We see the hosts being debriefed or repaired in the lab area . . . like Maeve the other episode. How is this possible in a 24 hour day?

Again, it just makes me wonder if we're on another planet here. And apparently I'm not the only one thinking this. One of the movie/tv review sites I like to visit had some comments by one of their writers who said that he's seeing chatter about the possibility of Westworld being on another planet. So I'm patting myself on the back here a bit.

And just so I'm not leaving you with my disjointed ramblings, here's a screen cap of Chloe Bennett looking unusually busty and an old pic of Evan Rachel Wood (Delores) from some magazine I had buried in my back up drive from I don't know when:

chloe bennett busty
evan Rachel wood nude

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rule 5 Sunday -- clean out that damn closet, boy!

mimi lesseos

So I'm a bit of a packrat, I tend to save all kinds of stuff, including magazines of all sorts. I have a huge collection of magazines that have Mulder and Scully on the cover from my X-Files geek days. I also have my old comic book collections and a bunch of vintage MAD magazines -- those I'm keeping. Everything else is working its way into the garbage can.

But since folks are always looking for some of these old images, I've been scanning the Playboys before throwing them out. It's a tedious process and one that has brought me face to face with some odd problems -- like the warping of the page edges from the binding process. Very weird.

But here's a sampling of the various celebs that graced the pages of Playboy in the late 80s through the 90s -- Jessica Hahn versions 1.0 and 2.0, Joey Heatherton, Vanna White and others. Enjoy.

*click on the thumbnails for full-sized images*

jessica hahn playboyvanna white playboydonna michelle samantha fox playboykaren mayo-chandlerjoey heatherton playboy sharon stone playboyjessica hahn playboyrhonda ridley-scott

Rule 5 Sunday suggested by this.

Let's talk Westworld for a moment


The show is yet another example of what cable television can do when they want to put some resources into a production. The sets, set design, casting and acting are all absolutely top notch. And the storyline proceeds along a deliberately slow pace that would have broadcast networks clawing their eyes out since there's not a stunning reveal in each and every episode to drive (in their minds anyway) viewers to watch each week.

Since the show is a tech/nerds dream, there are endless reviews and some wonderful deconstructions and analysis already online. But I want to point something else out.

In the second episode, there was a much reprinted monologue by Dr. Ford (played by the wonderful Anthony Hopkins) where he points out to the park's shallow showrunner guy that visitors to the park don't come back repeatedly for the obvious attractions and opportunities there, but rather because they think they have found something no one else has seen. Something only they know about and can enjoy.

That's sort of where I'm going here because I could be miles off on this, but I haven't seen anyone else talking out it online.

In the first episode, we hear of a livestock problem that may necessitate an armed response team. It turns out that the park refers to decommissioned robots, or hosts, as livestock and store them in a sub-basement area of the facility. In this case, the 83rd sub-basement floor. And there was a quick look at the elevator display that showed what I thought was a sub-basement C as well. 83 floors would be nearly an 1/8 of a mile down. That's way beyond what we can accomplish now with current construction techniques. I know the show is set in the future, but how far in the future? I got the impression it was one of those in the near future scenarios.

Anyway, we exit the elevator and see a large concourse area, some escalators in the background and a large globe sculpture with the company name Delos on it.

That's not how you architecturalize a warehouse. That place used to be the ground floor at one time, possibly the entrance. And now it's nearly a 1000 feet underground. What's up with that? We see in later images, the facility sitting on top of a stone pillar in a geographic area of canyons and such.

We know that everything, down to the smallest detail is constructed in Westworld. The clothing, the firearms, the animals down to the tiniest of creatures like the snake Dr. Ford commands with hand gestures in episode 2 are all manufactured. Probably even the scorpion in episode 1 is a machine. The flys? Why not? Perhaps that's part of how the virus is being transmitted to the hosts. Perhaps it's not all in simply a phrase that is whispered from one host to another.

But back to the big picture. If all that is manufactured for the park . . . what if everything is manufactured? Down to the soil that Ford stares at so intently. What if it is all a creation?

The park is huge, looking to be perhaps hundreds of miles across. Big enough to hold something refered to as The Maze in its interior in a place that no one seems to be able to find by simply wandering around. And yet there is ubiquitous surveillance on every square inch of the park 24/7. How could it be possible to have cameras everywhere unless they were part of the construction of the park itself?

And where would the park be? The trains that take the guests to Westworld look to be of the magnetic suspension type that ride frictionless, lifted off the tracks by magnetic repulsion technology. Those trains are reported to be able to travel at nearly 700mph. That's less than 4 hours coast-to-coast for the U.S. The trip is long enough for someone to nap their way through it, or become bored on what appears to be a rolling hotel, so are they traveling for half a day or more? 34 hours to circumnavigate the globe at that speed, assuming you could have tracks either over or under the oceans, so less than four hours to a day's travel? As the climate seems to match the U.S. southwest, Westworld isn't at either pole unless this show is going to turn into some ridiculous climate change scold. And appearing on HBO, that wouldn't shock me in the final analysis.

So I'm wondering . . . is this taking place in some post-apocalyptic time? Perhaps with entire areas of the planet scrubbed clean or destroyed by some terrible event? Does the Westworld complex exist both so deep into the earth and yet on top of a rock cropping because they had to rebuild it over and over for at least 30 years? That time frame is dropped repeatedly in conversation during the two episodes. The original movie is from 1973, so if they're doing the television show as a continuation of the movie, we're looking at 43 years since the first malfunction of the hosts.

What if Westworld is not even on this planet? What if the time frame is far enough into the future to allow for interplanetary travel. Imagine a colony on another planet, where humans live and work in a sterilized environment and crave the escape of raw debauchery and peril-less adventure? We know the guests have to pay lots of money to go there. We know they are not enlightened beings from some magical gentle future -- they run the gamut from timid to full out sadists. So perhaps they're those who were willing to risk some new off-planet enterprise, to live and work and escape a dying poisoned Earth and Westworld was part of the perks offered by this Delos corporation to lure folks into signing up?

That last bit sort of conflicts with my earlier wondering about the underground aspect of the facility. I get that. But something is there. I'm just not sure what. I'd like to think I've stumbled across something that all those folks who get paid to be smarter and more informed than me missed. But it just might be I'm overthinking this all a bit. It might just be the writers put in some obvious imagery without thinking about the contradictions with the larger picture. But I find that hard to believe in a show where they seem to have put so much effort into the tiniest of details.

We'll see what happens as the show progresses. I'm certainly hooked on Westworld for now.

Let's talk Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a moment

agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. simpsons style

But first . . . hee, hee . . . couldn't resist that banner image when I found it online. I miss the old Simpsons.   *sigh*

Anyways . . . over the last two episodes, the much ballyhooed team up between Daisy and the Ghost Rider actually happened . . . sort of . . . and lasted like 5 minutes. What a bummer.

Daisy used her hacker skills to find out everything she could about Robbie Reyes and then ambushed him at his day job at the junk yard/garage he works at. After getting her ass kicked the first time she fought him, she pushed her luck approaching him again and tried to provoke him. Which didn't work out exactly as she had hoped. After a brief struggle, Reyes leaves Daisy at the junk yard with a broken arm to pursue those ghosty things that showed up in the previous episode.

It turns out that these ghosts are actually humans who have been phase shifted out of our reality due to some nefarious experiment they were working on to achieve some as yet unexplained "power" from a mysterious book or artifact known as The Darkhold. This was accomplished at some now closed down next-gen power facility. The S.H.I.E.L.D. guys in the form of Fitz and Mack show up at the facility, Momentum Labs, to find out what's going on and what might have happened to Agent May since she's totally around the bend after her encounter with the "ghosts."

Daisy and Robbie show up separately and end up saving Mack and Fitz as they're cornered by the other ghosts who have been released from the interdimensional boxes that held them captive. As the Rider, Robbie is able to touch the ghosts and destroy them.

I liked that both Mack and Fitz were able to see the Rider so we could avoid the dreaded "Scully effect" where no one actually sees whatever mysterious thing that other members of a team sees.

That episode ends with Robbie finding Daisy and offering to take her along to find out more about the ghosts, since he believes his uncle may be part of what's going on with them. This recent week's episode starts out promisingly, having Robbie and Daisy work together during a blackout caused by the Watchdogs. But after saving Robbie's little brother from some rioters/looters, the pair go back to Robbie's home, where Gabe reveals to Daisy he knows who she is and wants her to stay away from his big brother. Gabe doesn't know about Robbie's night job (which I thought was a cool way Robbie refers to it) and thinks he is actually keeping his big bro safe and grounded. Daisy disappears while Robbie is out acquiring some medical stuff to help with Daisy's broken arm.

And that was it for the big team up. Perhaps they'll work something out later in the season, but I was hoping for a bigger few moments with the two of them working and fighting together. Oh well.

They're going to have to do something about Daisy's arm, which is solid black and blue now and shatters even more with each use of her powers. Is this where the gauntlets we've seen in character images of Quake come in? I'm wondering if Fitz will put something together for her on the sly since through various exchanges we see the folks in the team still care about Daisy and want her back.

A lot of cards are now on the table now as Mack knows about Elena (Yo Yo) helping Daisy out, knowledge of the Rider is confirmed (and we're hinted that Coulson captures Robbie, briefly at least in the next episode), there's a subversive group within the government helping the Watchdogs to either eradicate or capture the Inhumans -- we see a Senator named Nadeer feeding them intel and we see her husband covered in the exo cocoon brought on by exposure to the terrigen crystals. And we finally get to learn who the new S.H.I.E.L.D. Director is -- Jeffrey Mace, known from the comic books as The Patriot. A non-powered hero type. But in this case, an Inhuman with abilities that seem to include invulnerability and increased strength.

With no more debates to muck up our Tuesday evenings, I'm hoping we'll get some uninterrupted viewing now. At least until the election in November.

Here's some fun character images I found, including one that shows that awesome Charger of the Ghost Rider:

agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. phil coulson
agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. daisy quake
agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. fitz
agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. ghost rider
agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. henry simmons
agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. melinda may
agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. gemma simmons

Monday, October 10, 2016

Rita Ora is see through . . . again

rita ora see thru

Yeah, this is pretty much business as usual in the wardrobe department for Ms. Ora. But:

rita ora see thru

Holy wardrobe appropriation Batman! How about those shoes?! You know Burt Ward is looking in his closet right now trying to figure out how she got ahold of his Robin boots.   heh

rita ora see thru
rita ora see thru

The other part of this that befuddles me is the fact that she's basically wearing a negligee to dinner or some club. She's deliberately see through, so she wants to show off the girls. She knows she's going to get pap'd going either in or out of this establishment. And yet she walks in with her head down like she doesn't want to be seen.


She could have pulled that robe onto her shoulders and covered up. But no, she walks in allowing the pap to get all these pics of her while trying to look like she's so put off by the attention.

Girls confuse me.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

Today in Twitpics

Or Snapchat pics or Instagram pics . . . I'm never sure exactly where these come from.

This first is from Charissa Thompson, who is a sportscaster on FoxSports 1 and apparently was displeased with this image because she deleted it almost right after it was posted. Don't ask me why, it doesn't look scandalous to me. Maybe that's the problem . . . heh

charissa thompson deleted twitter pic

This next is a little self-photoshop deal from Eliza Dushku. I'm liking the see-thru outfit, but she looks sort of overly thin to me. I don't think the world would come to an end if she put on a couple of pounds.

eliza dushku see-thru twitter pic

Here's 51 year old Elizabeth Hurley who is making me think she has some sort of Dorien Gray thing going on, because she just keeps getting hotter with each passing year.

liz hurley bikini twitter pic

And last, but not certainly least, is my favorite redhead Maitland Ward who keeps freein' that nipple. This time in an outtake from a photoshoot for an actual print magazine that she appeared in. MEL Magazine, ever heard of it? Yeah, me neither. Probably like that "swimwear" line that hired her. *sigh*

maitland ward nipple twitter pic