Monday, February 20, 2017

Jennifer Connelly is in a bikini

jennifer connelly bikini

Actress Jennifer Connelly is down in St. Barth's on vacation with her family and doing the requisite frolicking in the surf:

jennifer connelly bikini
jennifer connelly bikini

At 47 years old and the mother of one with husband Paul Bettany, Jennifer is looking very good here. I took a peek at her Imdb page just to see how busy she's been and that's an impressive amount of work she's turned out in her career. Steadily working in movies and television and staying out of the tabloids for stupid behavior, she shows you can have a solid, respectable career in Hollywood, have a happy family life, and maintain your appearance without pouring thousands into disfiguring plastic surgery. She's a good example for younger ladies in the industry.

jennifer connelly bikini
jennifer connelly bikini

Also of note, and I'm looking right at you Anna Kendrick, Connelly didn't hide away from the fact that she was quite the hotty in her early days, and didn't shy away from roles that showed off her hotness. She's a respected actress today, and no one is dismissing her because of work she did when she was young. And like Helen Mirren, her beauty in her youth has been immortalized on film. You're only young once, might want to take advantage of that while you can. just sayin'

jennifer connelly topless
jennifer connelly topless
jennifer connelly topless

My thoughts from the Ghost in the Shell trailer

I've mentioned in several posts about my apprehension over this live action version of one of my favorite bits of anime. I wasn't pleased with the casting of Scarlett Johansson as the Major, simply because I don't think we need her in every single movie about a stoic female type -- Avengers/Natasha Rominoff, Under the Skin, Lucy, etc.

I've also mentioned how I'm concerned about the basic plot of this movie. The original anime was about an AI program that had amassed enough data to become sentient, sort of like Skynet or if you really want to go back to a great flick -- Colossus: The Forbin Project (that's some great stuff right there, watch it if you haven't seen it).

It appears they're taking a bit of that for this live-action version and trying to build in some back story for the Major. Will it work? I don't know, I'm sort of torn here. Part of what I like about these animes is their talkiness. I know it can be a pace killer at times, but that's part of the fun. For me at least.

The movie makers are trying to pull in bits from the anime, as in particular scenes and props -- the suitcase gun, the scene of an android body floating upwards in the skin generation pool, the Major sitting by the window, the opening sequence (which I've referenced before), etc. We get a look at the automated tank that the Major fights toward the end of the anime. That looked pretty cool. I wonder if they'll show the scene where the tank shoots at the Major and the spray of rounds tracks down along an engraving of a species tree. A nice touch, that.

I'm initially disappointed in Bato, the Major's partner. In the anime, part of his cybernetic upgrade are his eyes. In the live-action, they apparently switch from implants to regular eyes as needed. I can only imagine that the producers thought they could get more emotion for the scenes from real eyes. But that's part of the point of the anime -- as Bato points out to Togusa at one point, he (Togusa) is the only one in Section 9 that doesn't need regular maintenance on his body as he has only minimal implants (the back of the neck stuff that allows communication and cool stuff like auto drive for cars and such).

The movie looks lush and CGI heavy. I hope it does well. I guess I'll see it in theaters. I want it to be good because of my feelings about the original, but man, I'm on the edge about this one.

Cynthia Barnett likes "post-truth" when it suits her political agenda

I'm sure Cynthia Barnett is a nice person. And I'm sure she means well and is concerned about our environment, as we all should be. But writing in this Sunday's Perspective section of the Tampa Bay Times, she employs some logical legerdemain and other trickeries to push her climate scientology and politics.

Ms. Barnett opens up her article with a brief history of the mass migration west of American settlers and the disaster of the Dust Bowl era. She's entirely right about this mess -- there was a period of wildly above normal rains in a typically arid part of this country that caused it to become temptingly lush. But after farmers and families moved everything they had to the region, the dry years returned and everything went to hell.

And the Federal Government and newspapers of the day -- late 1800's to early 1900's, with a vested interest in expanding the railroads and supporting the westward growth of the nation did their best "nothing to see here, move along" routine. Something we've seen throughout history in the world, when citizens of any nation or state have no access to news except that which is provided for them by agenda controlled entities.

Ms. Barnett naturally uses this scenario to try and stoke fears over the confirmation of Rex Tillerson (former Exxon/Mobil CEO) as Secretary of State and Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA as both of these men have been public in their skepticism of the notion of man-caused climate change.

Ms. Barnett makes a deliberate point of noting that the Oxford English Dictionary declared that the word "post-truth" was its word of the year. Defining it as "relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief."

Interesting that she should make such a big point about that since Ms. Barnett immediately afterwards shows her true political agenda by declaring that 2016 was the hottest year on record, the third consecutive record-breaking year.

As anyone with a computer and internet access can find for themselves, these so-called record breaking temperatures are increases of .01 and .02 degrees Centigrade. Amounts that are so tiny, they cannot actually be determined with any measure of accuracy as the plus/minus or margin of error in these measurements is one tenth of a degree. And as I have noted many times in the past, these measurements are from wildly inaccurate land based measurement systems with corrupted software, not remote satellite sensors which are considered the more accurate method and which show no warming for nearly two decades now.

But rolling with her own "post-truthiness" Ms. Barnett continues with provable falsehoods about rising ocean levels, rising ocean temperatures and rising sea acidity. She desperately implores readers of her article to avoid Breitbart News in the US and the Daily Mail in Britain as she claims they spread science denial and put the most vulnerable at risk. And in this shows that she is just another of the lefty masses who cannot accept that Hillary lost the election.

She is right about one thing though -- by railing against government controlled media, or in fact any agenda controlled media, she makes the point I've been making all along about the climate change hysteria. Anyone can find the truth about global warming, droughts, floods, or any extreme weather event and whether they are increasing or decreasing or just going along as they have for millennia by digging out the data for yourself. We literally have more data/knowledge at our fingertips than any time in human existence.

Don't take Ms. Barnett's word for anything. She has a political agenda. Heck, don't take my word for it either. Go look for yourself. But pay attention to who you're getting your facts from, they often have agendas too. You have to be a discerning consumer of information these days.

And one last thing -- Ms. Barnett is not a scientist. She's a journalist with a degree in journalism not science. She may be well intentioned, but like those she lashes out at in her article, she has an agenda to push and she doesn't hesitate to spread non-truths to drive that agenda along.

Btw, just in case Ms. Barnett happens across this post, here's a little happy place she can go to think about what might have been.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Rule 5 Monday -- Playboy is woke

drew barrymore playboy

Apparently the folks at Playboy finally realized what mothers, wives and girlfriends have known for nearly 60 years -- no one's buying that magazine for the articles! After a year of slumping sales brought on by the poorly thought out decision to eschew the bewbs, Playboy has decided to "rediscover" itself and go back to showing more skin than Ladies Home Journal.

I doubt we'll ever be able to go back to those innocent halcyon days of breathlessly awaiting the pictorial from some famous gal who declared she will finally bare all in the magazine, but it'll be fun to have them back nonetheless. Below are some of the ladies from days gone by who delighted the guys by giving us a peek at their unexpurgated beauty. Enjoy!

*click on the thumbnails for full-sized images*

cindy crawford playboyjulie brown playboytaryn manning playboy charlize theron playboyjaime pressley playboytara reid playboy katerina witt playboyfarrah fawcett playboylindsay lohan playboy

Rule 5 Sunday suggested by this.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Heidi Montag is still around

And in a bikini too:

heidi montag bikini pool

We haven't seen the beta version of Courtney Stodden in some time. After her critically panned appearance in Playboy some years back, she and her oddball husband Spencer Pratt seemed to fall off the radar. I think they might have done one of those celeb/reality things at one point. And I think I remember (and even posted about here) pics of Heidi popping out of a cake for Spencer's birthday. But Heidi's mostly been MIA for some time now, until these hi-res pics of her at a pool in London popped up online:

heidi montag bikini pool

I thought at first they might have been actual candids since she sort of had the sad face going on. Then I saw this pair of pics, and it was like . . . what was I thinking candids . . . heh

heidi montag bikini pool
heidi montag bikini pool

I always thought Heidi was legitimately pretty. I was disappointed that she got a boob job and what looks to be butt implants/injections, but at least she did it to a reasonable degree without lapsing into comic book proportions.

This is a fairly daring set of pictures for her. That suit is fairly translucent, and clingy and not absurdly oversized to cover her up. She sort of looks like she doesn't want to be doing these pics, but maybe that's just a put on face. I mean, she did start out as an actress after all. If she's coming back into the public view, it'll be fun to see if time has brought some sense of moderation and intelligence to her famewhore routine. She's really attractive, I certainly wouldn't complain about seeing more of her. IYKWIMAITTYD

heidi montag bikini pool
heidi montag bikini pool

Monday, February 6, 2017

Today in climate scientology

Did you catch this in the news? Probably not if you rely on any of the biased left-wing news sources that dominate print and broadcast media.

Over the weekend, news broke that Dr. John Bates, the former principal scientist at the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. blew the whistle on NOAA over their 2015 report utilizing the "Karl report" to show that the planet was warming faster than expected and that there was no "pause" in warming. NOAA's report was perfectly timed to coincide with President Obama and the highly touted summit in Paris for the Climate Treaty he illegally signed.

Problem is, the Karl study was fatally flawed (like the bogus 97% consensus study, like Mann's hockey stick graph, like any claim out of Al Gore's mouth, etc.). NOAA arbitrarily doubled historical sea temps, ignoring contrary evidence from ARGO sea buoys and satellites, largely considered the more accurate way to measure sea temps. They then utilized a land temp data set created by what NOAA now claims was "alpha" version software that was loaded with devastating bugs that rendered the data output unreliable and unverifiable.

This is all coming out because Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, via the House Republicans on the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, had subpoenaed NOAA in 2015 to get the records relating to the Karl Study.

Not surprisingly, NOAA claims that the data and records regarding the methodology for producing the study's claims were never properly archived. Which means they memory-holed them. Like the East Anglia debacle all those years ago. Caught in a provable lie, NOAA just shredded the evidence.

That seems perfectly in keeping with how the entire scam of man-caused climate change has been operating from the first hysterical and totally debunked IPCC report way back when.

These people lie, they fabricate data and reverse engineer studies to fit their claims. They ignore any historical data that contradicts their preferred conclusion on climate change and just threaten and insult and try to silence anyone who dares to challenge their hysterical adherence to the religion of man-caused climate change.

And lefties call conservatives anti science.


Mad props to Dr. Bates for having the testicular fortitude to blow the whistle on this scam. And the same for Rep. Smith. He was roundly mocked back in 2015 for looking into the study and subpoenaing NOAA scientists, who at the time refused to turn over anything to the committee. But he hung in there. It's things like this that restore my faith in government just a tad.

Btw, refusing a congressional subpoena, isn't that a jail-able offense? Why aren't these asshats in the slammer? Also, not un-coincidentally, Dr. Tom Karl, author of the fraudulent study has left NOAA.

Gee, there's a shocker, eh?

Oh well, it's another blow to this fake science scam. Maybe folks will begin to open their eyes one day. Hopefully sooner than later.

Also over the weekend, somnambulant songstress Lana del Rey was spotted out and about, looking remarkably bustier than usual. Has she had some work done? She's always gone in for the lip injections to get those duck lips everyone seems to think are so desirable (me: no). Who can say. I'm sure my old Lana troll will be happy I posted these if he still comes around:

lana del rey boob job
lana del rey boob job

Sunday, February 5, 2017

So congrats to the Patriots for winning the Super Bowl

The Patriots 34-28 overtime victory against the Falcons will probably go down as the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

I mean, it already is, but I'll be surprised if anyone pulls that off again in my lifetime -- 31 unanswered points to come from behind and win in o/t . . . amazing. People like to hate on the Pats and Bill Belichick, but you can't deny what they've managed during his time there. Five Super Bowls, Brady has four Super Bowl MVP awards (he threw for over 400 yds in the game tonight!) . . . sportscasters and columnists love to count Belichick down when he loses players to trades or injury, and yet he keeps putting these juggernaut teams together year after year.

I can't remember the last time there was a season when folks weren't looking at New England to be in the playoffs.

The deflategate business was bullsh*t and Roger Goodell acted like a petulant jerk in suspending Brady even though there was no evidence of wrongdoing, just a lot of hatred of his success and side-eye suspicions -- they're so good . . . they must be cheating, we just haven't caught them yet.

I'm no huge fan of the Pats, even though I root for the Red Sox in baseball, but I've always liked Belichick's attitude towards coaching -- another team or the league f*cks with him, and he just puts the peddle to the metal and tries to hang 50 points on everyone they play. It was sweet redemption to force Goodell to hand the Lombardi Trophy to Robert Kraft after the game.

Loved the boos for Goodell too. Chased him right off stage.

I ignored most of the commercials, so I don't have much to comment about them. Already knew about Audi's stupid pay inequality thing, and they've already been beaten up online for their hypocrisy and stupidity over it. The 84 Lumber thing was pretty over the top. Glad they cut that off so we didn't have to endure their support of illegal immigration.

The halftime show was pretty excellent I thought. I loved the bit with the drones, that was very cool. And Lady Gaga showed just how savvy a recording star she is. Most of her music celebrates diversity without being overtly pushy about it. So she could play her stuff and not come off like Beyoncé celebrating Black Panthers or some such.

I saw a concert with Gaga on HBO a few years back. She was relatively new in the business and I was impressed with her stage demeanor, I think I even wrote about it here. She's got a presence on stage that is far beyond what she should have so early in her career. And she showed it tonight. No ridiculous dance sequences that stopped her from singing live. She seemed to basically be reprising her usual concert show, with some embellishments.

Oh yeah, one other thing. Big ups for Gaga for daring to show her untoned body the way she did in the final segment of her performance. Gaga's always been unreserved about her body during her shows, and bully to her for having the courage to show herself off like that. She did more for the stop body shaming movement in a couple of minutes live, than disgusting talentless hack Lena Dunham has the last handful of years as she has forced the world to endure her petulant in-your-face vulgarity in the name of openness. Bravo.

And I have to laugh at conservative buffoons like Taylor Millard over at HotAir, who couldn't spit out a post fast enough prior to the game talking about how he was sure Lady Gaga was going to lecture everyone from the stage. Way to over-react dumbass. Who looks stupid now?

Lady Gaga gets to own one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows in recent memory -- good performance, no scandal, universally positively received, and Millard and anyone who took his click bait article to heart will be digging around on YouTube to catch what the rest of us got to see live.

So congrats to the Pats on their fifth Super Bowl. Congrats to Tom Brady who gets revenge on Goodell, wins his fifth Super Bowl + fourth Super Bowl MVP + he gets to go home with a super model and celebrate. Talent, good looks, lots of money . . . it is easy to hate on him, but he earned this win. Once he got it going, he was an effin' machine back there. Hard to argue with the results.