Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Why is anyone surprised by this -- part 3

As President Obama steams ahead with yet another of his I'll do it on my own moments, this time being a horrible treaty with Iran, conservative pundits are shocked, shocked, I tell ya that the Prez is going to bypass Congress once again and do this deal on his own.

Am I the only one who was paying attention during the 2008 elections?! Let me bring up two things here . . . once again, for the so-called professional political writers:

First, during the primaries, then candidate Obama, supposedly a Constitutional scholar, stated the the Constitution was a fundamentally flawed document because it doesn't contain entitlement language. As I've stated repeatedly -- this is a fundamental misunderstanding of what the Constitution is. It is, simply put, a firewall between the citizens of this country and the federal government. If you know the history of the founding, and this is why history is important to school children, you would know why the Constitution is written the way it is and what the framers were protecting us from -- an over-reaching government that could curtail your freedoms on a whim. The framers believed that the citizens, freed from an oppressive government would flourish and prosper and didn't need entitlements to survive. The phrase pursuit of happiness that is so frequently thrown about by spoiled millenials and liberal pantiwaists is not about unemployment compensation and free health care and federally subsidized retirement, it is about the freedom to pursue your life as you choose without the government micromanaging every jot and tittle of that life.

Second, and to the point of the Iran deal, then candidate Obama said on many occasions that he should be able to sign treaties on his own, without the consent of Congress because he wanted to just cruise around the world writing and signing treaties he felt served his agenda. As we've seen with his extensive executive actions, this President prefers to be a King rather than a servant of the people of this country. A rank amateur with no foreign policy or legislative experience, he believes he knows better than everyone else in the country how to do things. What arrogance!

And like I said . . . why are you surprised by this? Look at the man's own words. He has given us every indication from day one of how he would prefer to rule this country, and he's going about it without any hesitation. We've got two more years of this nonsense. Boehner and McConnell better gets their heads out of their asses and start doing what we voters have given them the power to do, or 2016 might be too late to correct the damage President Obama does to this country.

Megan Fox had a rough night

megan fox looking rough

Damn! Someone looks like they're just getting back from an all nighter or something.

Don't ask me what's going on here

taylor swift ass in shorts

Supposedly, this is Taylor Swift, though I'm always dubious when you cannot see someone's face in the pictures. But at first blush, it looks like this dude is walking her over to the wall in that parking garage to get a picture of her ass in those tight shorts:

taylor swift ass in shorts
taylor swift ass in shorts
taylor swift ass in shorts
taylor swift ass in shorts

What I'm thinking is that maybe these are stills from a video shoot rehearsal or something. At least that's what I'm hoping 'cause these are some stalkerific images to be sure.

taylor swift ass in shorts

Case solved! Whew! We can all sleep easy tonight. Apparently, what's going on here is that Swifty's bodyguard is walking her backward from her car so that she can avoid/thwart the paparazzi. Not sure about the efficacy of this maneuver since what she's doing is giving the paps many more pictures of her "ass not included" this way than if she had just left the garage like a normal person parking her car. But hey, the rich & famous . . . they're different from you and me.

taylor swift walking backward to avoid the paps

Cosmo doesn't do my Duffster properly

So Cosmo had my Duffster on their cover recently. Good choice for a cover girl in my opinion, but they missed the mark conceptually:

hilary duff cosmo

Hilary's way too hot just running errands, they don't need to Photoshop cheekbones and slim her down to make her look like the typical skinny model type. It's her solid hotness that we love, to wit:

hilary duff hotness

Perfection. Why mess with it?

Why is anyone surprised by this -- part 2

Trey Gowdy's Bengazi Select committee has now turned up the fact that Hillary Clinton exclusively used a private e-mail account to conduct State Department business while Secretary of State. A clear violation of the transparency rules that are in place for government officials.

Why is anyone surprised?

The Clintons are the perfect examples of crooked small town politicians. From back in their Arkansas days with the Rose Law firm scandal, the Whitewater scandal, Bill using State Troopers to truck hookers to the Governor's mansion . . . they believe the rules don't apply to them. They believe they are entitled to whatever they want, whenever they want it.

Hillary applied for that private account the day of her confirmation hearing. She never had any intention of leaving her correspondence where others could look at it. As we've seen with her dubious fund-raising/influence peddling, who knows what kind of shading dealings she had going on while working as one of the highest ranking public officials in the country.

When Bill was running for President, Hillary made dismissive remarks about women who stayed home and baked cookies while their husbands work, implying that she was better than them because she was out there doing "real" work. Her eyes always on the prize, Hillary sat idly by, perhaps not baking cookies, but doing nothing while her husband banged anything with a vagina in both Arkansas and Washington. The ends justify the means to her, so what's a little ejaculate on some chubby intern's dress when she could become the first female President?

Watching the White House and State Department spokespeople try to cover Hillary on this is depressing. Setting aside their childish comments about how the recipients of Hill's e-mails were expected to maintain copies, what about those that didn't go to other State Dept. employees? And what about the fact that she was transmitting classified information via a non-secure account? That to me seems an actionable offense.

I've said repeatedly that I think Hill's a stalking horse for Elizabeth Warren, but fauxcohontas might not be a lock either. Warren is the Dem equivalent of Ted Cruz -- someone's who's viewed as a far left bomb thrower who might appeal to the extreme wing of the Dem party but would alienate centrist Dems and Independents.

Lefty pundits like to mock the Republican party and say it is fractured, but I think the Democrats are in a real bad spot here. Their inevitable candidate is one arrogant gaffe/stumble/scandal after another. It'll be interesting to see how the Dems try to recover from this.

Kelly Rohrbach is new here

Kelly Rohrbach is the new SI Swimsuit issue rookie that folks are now noticing. She may be a bit hard on the wardrobe, but might just be worth paying attention to:

kelly rohrbach
kelly rohrbach
kelly rohrbach

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Charlie XCX wasted = epic sideboob

Charlie XCX showed up for the Brit Awards looking so strung out that Lindsay Lohan was going "dude!

charlie xcx drugged out

Perhaps that explains why she apparently gave up trying to work those complicated back ties on her dress and gave everyone some pretty serious sideboob action:

charlie xcx drugged out
charlie xcx drugged out

Don't these "stars" have people to take care of that sort of thing for them? Surely they don't dress themselves. I can just see this chick looking at that mass of back ties and going "Aww, f*ck it!" and just stumbling out onto the red carpet looking like some 2:00am mess at the local liquor store lounge.