Monday, August 15, 2011

So, it's my birthday . . .

. . . and not a lot going on.

The Red Sox lost last night as poor Wake is stuck on 199 wins. If ever anyone deserved 200 wins in baseball, it's Wakefield. Sooner or later the guys have to pull one out for him.

The Bucs won a meaningless pre-season game. Local sportwriters are already making their reservations for the Super Bowl. These dudes pick the funniest times to staple the rose colored glasses to their faces.

I see where a L.A. Times writer ranked baseball team city fans and Tampa/St. Pete came in last. heh Guy mentions how the team was giving away tickets during the World Series playoffs trying to fill the stands. He's right. Locals simply do not support this team. Btw, best fans -- Boston. double heh

California has a law waiting to be voted in that will make it illegal for hotels not to use fitted sheets on their beds. Yeah. Flat sheets will be illegal. Seriously. State's in a hole, financially, about as deep as the entire country, and this is what they're concerned about? No wonder they voted Governor Moonbeam back into office.

Rick Perry has already shown more political chops that the supposed front-runner Mitt "flip-flop" Romney, as Perry has skillfully fallen on his sword for legislation he tried to pass in Texas re the HPV innoculation. Perry wanted to make the vaccination manditory with an opt-out, but was smacked down by the legislature. He says now he should have made the program an opt-in, pointing out that he got too far in front of everyone on the subject of teen cancer. The few blemishes Perry has in eleven years as governor, if he handles his responses as deftly on the rest of them as he has here, he'll blow past Mittens in short order.

And since I know that no one wants to see a picture of me on my birthday, here's someone else who shares the day -- Natasha Henstridge:

natasha henstridge topless

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