Monday, August 29, 2011

So the VMA's were last night . . .

Yeah, I know . . . I thought MTV didn't show music videos anymore. So how are they having a show to give awards to artist's videos? Shouldn't it be the YouTube Music Awards or something? 'Cause the only place you see music videos is on YouTube or the artist's own websites these days.

I mean, what's the point? Just to kiss Britney's ass again? She's actually the poster child for what's wrong in music these days -- can't sing, can't dance anymore, is such a disaster in her personal life that she has to have a legal guardian at age 28! I'm pretty sure I saw a picture of her holding an award. What was it for? Best video of a out-of-shape lip-syncer sitting in a chair waving her arms around while idiot fans plunk down hundreds of dollars to cheer at her pathetic performance?

Come to think of it, she probably should get an award for having the most gullible fans in music.

But seriously, I think the lead singer for Maroon 5, since they weren't nominated for anything, tweeted a virtual middle finger to MTV over the awards. His point was well taken, MTV is a joke. It's a reality TV network now, so why bother with the charade of giving out music video awards?


Maybe this is why they have the awards show, so manufactured celebrities like Kim Kardashian (who spends oh so much time complaining about the media fixation on her butt, yet always backs her way down the red carpet . . . for no apparent reason) can show up and be photographed:

kim kardashian booty vmas

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