Thursday, August 18, 2011

Underworld: Awakening movie trailer

Here's the first trailer for next year's re-boot/continuation of the Kate Beckinsale in tight leather francise:

Selene's been in stasis for 12 years and wakes to find the world has changed -- humans are now hunting vampires and werewolves. Lot's of cool stunts, Kate looks hot, there's a new director for this go around, so it's kind of a new take on things, hence the re-boot comment.

Of course, it'll be in 3-D, 'cause what isn't anymore? So expect lots of gimmicky stuff flying at you. But I'm hoping for another cool chapter in this series. I wasn't as disappointed as some purists with the first sequel. And my only real complaint with the pre-quel was that they didn't put the smokin' Rhona Mitra into some outfits that were a little sexier.

So we'll see.

By the way, here's a pic of Kate in costume on set of the movie. In recent interviews she was stressing about pouring herself back into the leather and corset thingy figuring five years removed from the character might have padded her figure a bit. Yeah, no worries there:

kate beckinsale hotness

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