Thursday, October 22, 2015

So what did we learn today?

In today's Bengazi hearings, we found out that House Republicans are arguably the worst inquisitors since the Monty Python guys doing the Spanish Inquisition!


Hillary was literally laughing as these inept ass clowns tried to tie her down on any guilt for that murderous debacle.

With three years to get their questioning straight, and enough information out there that the sub on a high school debate team could have formulated a more piercing line of questioning, these bozos just stammered and blathered and basically looked like they were trying to out bluster one another.

Did I hear this bit right today? 600 requests for increased security at the consulate and none of them were acted upon?! And while Hillary is claiming that as the Secretary of State, she had no oversight or responsibility to ensure our diplomats abroad were safe, none of these idiots could point out the jaw-dropping incompetence of that?!

And while I'm no expert at the structural foundation of government agencies, apparently there is some part of the State Department known as Security Professionals. Have you ever heard of that bureau? I haven't. And it would seem that none of these bozos on the committee thought it prudent to press Madam Secretary on exactly what the department is and who's in it and why were they so inept and derelict in their duty to protect our Libyan ambassador.

If Hillary Clinton is elected President in 2016, a large part of her victory will be due to the stunning incompetence of the House Select Committee on Bengazi.

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