Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Taylor Swift channels Marilyn Monroe . . . again?

So at the Teen Choice Awards just recently, ridiculously innocent Taylor Swift did the classic Seven Year Itch pose on the red carpet:

And everyone's going on about how cute and adorable and so on. 'Cause it's Taylor Swift for pete's sake. Then the other night she's in concert, and:

Uh huh. Twice now? I'll admit I don't follow country music much nor would I recognize a song by Taylor on the radio if I heard it. So maybe this is a prop for a song or something? I mean, the exquisite fortune of wearing flesh colored granny panties and then having your skirt blow up and act all nonchalant about it? I'm guessing deliberate here.

So is virginal cutie Taylor trying to catch up to "the other Taylor"? 'Cause she's gonna have to up her game substantially for that. Although, Taylor Momsen showed up at Lolapalooza and performed practically in a suit and tie compared to her usual outfits:

Frankly, I've got no idea what's going on in the world. I know I pounded a bottle of Absinthe last night for my birthday, so maybe I'm still hallucinating, or I woke up in BizarroWorld or something. Things just seem so topsy-turvy now.

I've got a headache . . .

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