Friday, August 5, 2011

Chris Nolan is freakin' me the eff out

Theoretically, these are images of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman from the new Batman movie:

I say theoretically because, frankly, you can't tell who that is in the pictures. Anne Hathaway has a fairly distinctive mouth and like when they posted those images from the Wonder Woman TV series, and everyone yakked on how crappy Adrianne Palicki looked in them, then it turned out the images were of the stunt woman . . . well, maybe same thing here.

Also, that kind of looks like that Batcycle thingy from the last movie. And I doubt the budget on this one is so low that they're recycling props from the last movie. So who knows, maybe that's Batgirl and Nolan's been keeping her part in the flick under wraps, or something.

And that's what's been freakin' me out here.

In the past, Chris Nolan's been this total control freak, running his productions under DefCon 1 or 5 or whichever is the highest level (I can never keep that straight) security and now all of the sudden we're practically getting daily pics from the sets.

We've seen Batman, in and out of costume. We've seen Bane, again, in and out of costume. We've seen them fighting. Now we're seeing Catwoman, maybe, I mean what's next? Happy Meal toys? Cups at Circle K? YouTube clips?

Are they afraid there's a lack of interest in this movie and they're trying to gin up fanboy fever or something? This just seems so unlike they way Nolan has worked in the past. Remember the surprise when everyone saw what the Joker looked like? Perhaps he or the studio is afraid they don't have that "OMG" moment with this installment.


And just let me say this about that . . .

Some bloggers are already bitching about the look of Catwoman in these pictures. Now based on how Nolan has re-imagined Batman, did anyone really expect Catwoman to have a cowl with ears and a suit with a tail on it? 'Cause if you did, you need some therapy there sparky. Nolan has done a nice job balancing on the edge of reality with the character looks in the series so far. Batman's look was explained early on. And his suit still has a real world functionality to it. Catwoman is supposed to be a master thief and criminal. It's not out of the ordinary to expect her to have more of a Black Widow-ish look as opposed to a kinky fetish model look.

And I'll once again go on record supporting the casting of Anne Hathaway in the role. I think she's got a groovy, curvy body, and a unique enough face that she'll look smokin' in whatever outfit they pour her into. Plus, she's done enough stuff with an edge to it that I think she can pull off a slightly demented, malice-y type character.

So we'll see. But please, let's find whoever it is that's spiking Chris Nolan's coffee and get them to stop it so he goes back to his secretive, mysterious self. I want to be surprised by the movie when it comes out.


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