Friday, August 19, 2011

Day of Rage . . . what could go wrong?

So it looks like a bunch of uninformed idiots are planning to set up a tent city in the middle of Wall Street on Sept 17 as a protest against capitalism.

The thing is being organized by former members of SEIU and a few nuts from ACORN (pun intended). It's a pity these assholes didn't put this much effort into their school work or maybe they'd have some idea how things get done in this country. Where do they think the money comes from to start up the businesses that build their houses? Or their cars? Or creates the clothing they are wearing or the food they eat?

Do these fools think people just happen to save up a quarter of a million dollars to start up a business? How long would it take you to save up that kind of money? Can any of these assclowns just go into a car dealership and plunk down the cash to buy a car? Even a used one? Where do they think financing comes from?

How stupid can you be?!

And I'm loving the imagery on the placard. Yeah, that doesn't smack of Communism at all. All the red, and the hammer and sickle, and the gold stars . . . yeah nothing Communist there at all.

And the exquisite stupidity of calling their protest a Day of Rage. Now I'm sure no one's gonna take that wrong! None of those socialist peace mongers that beat down black conservatives and trashed the National Mall at Jon Stewart's faux-rally. Yeah, there's never any evidence of SEIU thugs beating conservatives or pushing reporters around. No, calling it a "Day of Rage" won't incite any of these brain dead lemmings to be in an antagonistic frame of mind.

But me and my fellow fiscal conservatives who meet and rally peacefully and don't defile the areas where we assemble -- according to the President and his chief of Homeland Security, we are the terrorists! The President says that members of Congress who have tried to stave off our financial armageddon want the country to fail! The Vice-President refers to us as terrorists!

But when these idiots descend on Wall Street in a month and it devolves into anarchy, as it surely will, the mainstream media and the socialist Democrats, including the President, will end up excusing their behaviour and find a way to blame it on fiscal conservatives.

Real terrorism will get a pass, but pride in your country and hope for it's future will get you a scarlet letter T from this administration and it's water carriers in the media.

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